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  1. Definitely holding foe the time being after last night's performance.
  2. Pearson is already touching 98/99 in the 2nd inning.
  3. Chase Anderson is starting the season on the DL which helps Pearson.
  4. Do you know what C-Mart's pitching line was?
  5. Jordan Romano looked really good in the Blue Jays' intrasquad game last night. Could be a guy to keep an eye on as the potential setup man to Giles.
  6. Florida is getting smoked by COVID right now. Almost 9,000 new cases today. I don't see any way they play games there unless this drastically improves.
  7. Seems like a no-brainer move for the Blue Jays and it would only equate to missing one start.
  8. *sigh*
  10. Quite possibly the best pure hitter in the draft goes #5 overall to the Toronto Blue Jays. It will be interesting to see what position he ends up carving out as he progresses towards the bigs.
  11. Man, the ball must look like a Beach Ball to Bichette right now.
  13. Wheeler, Darvish and E-Rod here. Also a league with k/bb as a category....
  14. Agreed. He's going to get playing time all over the infield/DH. Gibby loves him, and so does bench coach DeMarlo Hale. The front office actively pursued him in the offseason. He's definitely gonna play unless he goes ice cold for an extended period of time.
  15. Looks like we made the same Andrus DL replacement move. The great thing with Solarte is his multi position eligibility. If he's still raking when Andrus comes back then it makes it easier to still get him into my lineup.