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  1. Not sure what to make of this guy. I’m happy he blew up on my bench, but I can’t shake the feeling that this is still a timeshare. Possible sell-high candidate?
  2. Cam can’t come back soon enough. At least with him, we were getting consistent short and intermediate looks. I’ll take dink and dunk any day, especially in PPR
  3. This kid has the benefit of Mahomes slinging the ball downfield on any given play. He’s a solid flex/WR3 at the moment. Especially if you play in leagues with bonus points for long TDs.
  4. Didn’t watch the game so I’m not too sure what happened here. Was it game script? More of a focus on getting both Ekeler and Jackson involved on offense? Did Jackson look more explosive? I was expecting more than 81 total yards and only 9 rushing attempts.
  5. He’s definitely a top 5 TE ROS. The athleticism this kid has.. amazing. Set & forget, IMO.
  6. There’s still plenty of game left. He didn’t come alive until the second half of last week’s game.
  7. Placed on IR, safe drop in redraft leagues now.
  8. Any point in picking this guy up as a speculative add?
  9. You're confusing what he's done in the past with what he's doing in the present. Best in the game? He's not even top 10 in any statistical WR category thru three weeks. Again, a lot of you keep repeating this "He'll get his" "he's the best in the game" "the numbers will be there" .. this is about 2018, not past seasons. This offense is different. JuJu's emergence is real. There is cause for concern here.
  10. This. I should of just went RB. The hell was I thinking. And I honestly feel like a lot of it has to do with the play calling as well. This new OC is not doing much to scheme for AB. Many of the passes that are going to JuJu are 10-15 yard up the middle or dump off passes that he's doing something with after the catch. AB so far this year has been nothing more than a glorified decoy utilized to take a safety out of a play with double coverage.
  11. Smallwood is looking way more explosive right now
  12. There we go... lets see if Clement can punch it in here.