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  1. I guess this is good news. Not totally sure if he is worth hanging on to till the start of the season.
  2. Agreed. Late in drafts he has value.
  3. The K's is the reason he is still sitting out there in points leagues. If the HR could negate the K's is there another counting stat that would put him on the plus side of the points ledger?
  4. What does old man Votto have left? Lots of big bats in Cinncy this season. Im say 20 HR and 70 RBI. Will be interesting.
  5. Yikes! Doesn't seem worth the investment, might let another manager struggle through his ups and downs.
  6. I like the 40 HR predictions. Anyone struggling with his DH designation? In position specific leagues its hard to justify.
  7. The dude has alway been talents. The real question is can he play a full season? So far....not really. So he is he fun to invest in....yet the guy is a china doll. Or not? We all want to invest into a 25 year old pure bat. In the top 100 hitters?....yes....In the top 50 hitters....maybe.....in the top 20 hitters.....no...cant rely on health. Give us a proper break down...thanks mate.
  8. 2020 ya'll Closer turned starter. And he performed with elite numbers. The question is ....is it sustainable? He is only 26 and playing on a team that wins. Whats your take?
  9. More importantly is his fragile frame. Can the guy pitch 100 innings? Is he pitched 99 they would be elite heavy strike outs. But that's not baseball. Marathon. Will he ever been a work horse? / TB fiddles with pitchers like no other team. Worth investing in....even with the limited elite ratios?
  10. He is pitching against Baltimore....looking for big stats tomorrow.
  11. really need 5 from Cole tomorrow!
  12. He has sucked his last two starts.......but has Detroit for a double dip coming up.
  13. When is he going to heal up and get back into the line up? Or maybe Boston has no reason to rush him back