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  1. octapuss

    Midseason List

    I still use this list. For super deep leagues i need 500. https://www.prospectslive.com/lists/2020/7/29/top-500-fantasy-prospects
  2. Well the season is over guys 20 team dynasty league.....nothing on the wire. I placed 17 out of 20....lol Here is are my ten SP. I need to go into next season with maybe 6 -7. Can you help me rank the top and shed some of the bottom. SP 1 Darvish SP 2 Woodruff SP3 Matz SP4 Fedde SP5 Lucchessi SP6 Gsellman SP7 Velasquez SP 8 Pivetta SP9 Kuhl SP10 Hammels Thanks!
  3. I need some homers today! Who is feeling lucky with some big bopers! Home-ers! Home-ers!
  4. sitting on waivers. You would think he can bounce back with Mahomes throwing the ball around the field
  5. Is Berrios going to make his Sunday start?
  6. I was wondering the same thing....where did you read that?
  7. does anyone have a Yates update? Is he shut down for the season? I cant find official word from the Padres?
  8. this guy might be a dynasty keeper. Great production so far.
  9. WIll Cole get one of the starts tomorrow in the doubled header?
  10. I hate M. Boyd. Flaming pile of poo.
  11. heading for an mir...... need the lad for playoffs.....lets hope nothing serious
  12. Is Garcia going to stay with the big club? I hope so.
  13. dumb question: is sleeperbot a android app? i see one called sleeper