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  1. Have 4, 5th pending, sending out invites to the 2 replies in here now
  2. Trying to start a small stakes yahoo dynast draft tonight (SNAKE), already have 4 so far, drafting 12:30am est. Trying to stay with Yahoo cash, but will move to leaguesafe if needed Here's what I'm thinking as a start. $10 buy-in (small amount to keep it competitive and easy to replace owners in future years if need be) 10 teams 25 man rosters (min 20 keepers) 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 2 FLEX 1 DST 1 K FAAB Half PPR, 4pt pass TD 5 Round Rookie draft in August 2019, or as soon as Yahoo opens its season -20 Keepers, players 21-25 can be kept in exchange for a rookie pick (reverse order, so keeper #21 will cost your 5th rd rookie pick) -Offseason and draft pick trades will be kept offline in a google spreadsheet, must trade even number of picks -Draft order set by reverse order of regular season standings, except consolation winner gets 1st pick PM me for an invite or leave your email
  3. Still have space? And are you still drafting at 9pm EST tonight?