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  1. we have 8 paid now, should be fun group seems solid to.. we have one spot open in the league if you want in. We are potentially booting 3 others if they haven't paid by tonight or responded with when they are going to pay.
  2. League description is below, I'm not the commish but have joined and paid, we have 7/12 paid, need some more people ready to join and pay so we can get the draft started! League Outline League will be a 12-team superflex head-to-head auction dynasty draft league with the following positions on the Sleeper app. The auction draft will be done on MFL to make it go smoother. QB (1) RB (2) WR (2) TE (1) Flex (2) : (RB/WR/TE) Superflex: (QB/RB/WR/TE) Bench (18) IR (2) Taxi Squad (3): A taxi squad is a place where a team owner can stash rookies while they develop without taking up roster spots that could be used for immediate contributors. Taxi squads are considered “standard” in dynasty fantasy football today. Traditional taxi squads offer 5 taxi squad spots per team, and taxi squads can only consist of rookies. A player is only allowed to remain on a taxi squad for a period of 2 years, and at that point they must be elevated to the active roster or cut to free agency. These players may not be started in a week unless they are called up to the active roster. Once a player is called up to the active roster, they may not return to the taxi squad. Any player acquired by a trade goes straight to the active roster, regardless of whether or not they came from a taxi squad. Total Roster: 27 players plus an additional 3 taxi squad spots League fees will be $50/season, with the first 2 seasons ($100) being due prior to the startup draft, which is non-refundable if you decide to leave the league/sell your team before the 2nd season of September 1, 2021. After that, owners are responsible for selling their own team if they decide they want to leave the league. Annual fees will be due on June 1st of every season. The first two seasons being paid is to ensure owners don’t leave their team if they are unhappy with their draft or the first season with their team. All league fees will be done through LeagueSafe, which is a website that securely takes all entry fees so one person doesn’t have control of all the league funds. Draft will be done as an auction draft, with each team receiving a $400 budget for their team. Players will be nominated for drafting (12 teams with 32 player rosters), with the veteran and rookies of this year’s draft class all being included in the startup draft. There will be a 30 round continuous draft, with 12 picks each round to accommodate this draft style. Each team will nominate a player for each round and then they will be bid on continuously for each pick of 1-12 for each round. Next offseason, an annual rookie/free agency draft will occur after the NFL Draft at a mutually decided time by the league. The auction draft is the fairest way to ensure all teams have a fair chance at all players available. Want Saquon Barkley? He’s yours, but what’s the price you’re willing to pay for him? No values will be given for the auction draft so it’s completely up to you on how much you want to spend for a player and draft your team. The last place team from the previous season will receive the 1st overall pick in next year’s rookie/free agent draft, just like in the NFL. Example: 12th place in the regular season gets the 1st pick in the rookie draft, 11th gets 2nd, etc etc. Playoff finishing standings will be used in a similar way, e.g. league champion gets the last pick in the first round of the rookie/free agent draft the following season. Playoffs will be the top 8 teams, the top 2 teams in the regular season will receive a bye for the first round of playoffs in week 14. Regular season will run from weeks 1-13, with playoffs in weeks 14,15,16. Toilet bowl format will be used for teams that are eliminated from the playoffs after week 14. Continuous rolling waivers will be used, with teams getting last waiver priority once they’ve used waivers. Example: If you have #1 waiver priority and use it to pick up a player, you will become #12 waiver priority after you pickup that player. Waivers will clear at 12:00 PDT on Tuesday every week during the season. Players stay on waivers for 2 days after being dropped, after being held for 24 hours. Trade deadline will be week 10. Payouts each year are as follows: 1st: $300 2nd: $200 3rd: $100 League Scoring Settings Are As Follows: Passing 0.04 points per yard (25 yards= 1 pt) TD Pass: 6 pts 2-pt conversion: 2 pts Interceptions: -2 pts Rushing 0.1 points per yard (10 yards=1 pt) Rushing TD: 6 pts 2-pt conversion: 2 pts Receiving 0.5 points per reception 0.1 pts per yard (10 yards=1 pt) Receiving TD: 6 pts 2-pt conversion: 2 pts No kickers or defenses will be used in this league.
  3. 100% need to switch this... no way I want the championship on week 17 !!
  4. no problem broski ! .. hopefully we get this thing filled, for one last draft!
  5. think you can use the ESPN link in the main post to join, that's how I joined haha