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  1. It's perfectly fine. Two starting WR's from the same team is probably a bit much, but this situation is perfectly fine.
  2. That's tough! Higbee HAS had a game with 3 touchdowns before and that's kinda what you are gonna need, so it can be done. Everett has a high ceiling as well and you need that here. Given the injury to Higbee, I may go Everett, but seriously flip a coin and pray.
  3. I want to pick up the handcuff for James Conner, but who is it? Benny Snell Jaylen Samuels Anthony McFarland All have been getting a few snaps. Who would take over as lead back if Conner goes down?
  4. I dropped him for Christian Kirk earlier today. It was time to let go.....
  5. Stafford or Herbert today? Herbert vs. JAX Stafford @ ATL
  6. Out 2 weeks now and Thomas will be coming back. Worth keeping?
  7. He's just sitting there in two of my leagues as an FA. Sad. I don't think he is worth fostering anymore
  8. Who's the better RB going forward? Moss or Singletary in Standard?
  9. I would take CMC for sure. Pick up Carr and then work the trade market to try and pick up a better qb if you can. Someone will run into a bye week or Covid-19 related roster crunch and will have to drop a serviceable QB that you can pick up. Try not to use your waiver for a while so you can grab that QB if/when the opportunity presents itself.
  10. Full PPR Mixon @ Ind or Gaskin vs. NYJ Mixon has a tough matchup. Is Gaskin the play here?
  11. Taylor side. Side with the best player wins the deal unless your running backs are decimated and you need two ok weekly starters.
  12. I currently have the San Francisco D. Looks like a hard schedule remains. Tennessee is available and so is Tampa Bay. Are either worth picking up as a rest of season replacement? Or just keep SF?