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  1. You have got to be the biggest tool i have ever seen...
  2. Noooo we can't abandon ship guys! Franchise Holmes is way better than Bagley and is going to take us to the playoffs because he's a winning player 😂
  3. It's Coach Walton at his best. He should at least give the Bagley-Holmes pairing a run for about 5-7 minutes a game to see how it goes
  4. Awesome analysis! Enjoy your waiver wire gem, should have sold high when you had that chance bud.
  5. I'm not playing Holmes or Bagley. Bagley is running in the 2nd unit and playing with the scrubs so that +/- stats aren't really comparable and not the best metric to use. I was responding to the guy that said he's glad the Kings blew it which I thought was a stupid comment.
  6. The simple fact is though, Holmes entered the game when the Kings were up and they end up blowing it with him in there.
  7. You realise Holmes played like the last 7 minutes of the game and they blew it with him in instead of Bags....
  8. Hi I'm interested in this league. Could you either message back or email me the league settings (how many players, teams in league etc...) My email is michael.zlatanovski@outlook.com Thank you
  9. I'm interested in this. What are the rules and settings for the league? michael.zlatanovski@outlook.com
  10. Please invite me to your league next year.... easy money$$$
  11. Mack lost his job to carter it’ll just be a matter of time before temple loses his to holiday.
  12. I was watching live. The starters looked really flat and were down quite a bit in the 3rd. Fizdale put all the young kids in end of the 3rd and went on a little run so he just ran with them all through the 4th qtr.
  13. Why even provide any input if you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about? The last game he started was on November 21st. His last 3 games have been off the bench averaging about 22mpg and boy has he been good in that span.
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