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  1. thats a great team... keep a close eye on the KC running back situation
  2. yep.... those are a lot of wide receivers with a lot of coin tosses those guys aren't all on your roster are they?
  3. How do you do waiver claims fAAB or continual rolling or worst record?
  4. Guys that join the League but don't pay.... don't help you as a commissioner that just makes you do stuff like this later and then other guys that are willing to pay now well now you're waiting to get those previous guys to the pay because they didn't want to do it until it was almost full ...if you pay when you join your going to be almost full quicker.... is this a two-quarterback league that's my definition of a superflex sounds like you're full anyway good luck with your league
  5. I'm always looking for different types of leagues it would have been nice if we could have just clicked on the url and looked at it saved a lot of headache for you too... can you provide that or is there a website to go to?
  6. ok ...i get it now... 12 team superflex has are tough because not everyone will be able to get their third quarterback to ensure they can play two if they choose.... but it adds strategy too... are you going 4-point touchdown passes or another number?? I'm intrigued by it ..I like your two types of flexes I just wish it were a 10 teamer I may join I got to think about it... how are you doing Waiver Wires.... faab?
  7. im confused... appears I'm the only one ...said you were going to flex with a quarterback and then in the very next couple of words you say it's going to be without quarterback kicker and defense??? is it a super Flex with a quarterback are you playing without a kicker and defense... I didn't see anywhere where I could look at the settings yeah I'm the only one confused I'm interested if you could clear that up for me
  8. needs to draft on 9/2 or 9/3...between 60-120.. anybody getting one together email me Espn or yahoo
  9. dedicated for no $$.. I have one leave over 20 years and I've never had that happen I tried it for 4 years finally just play money leagues now thirty bucks guys tend to still pay attention
  10. What is your name?? can I call you something be nice to just have something to call you instead of OKC if you want to be OKC I'm okay see with that ...anyway looks like w thirteen of us paid so I'd rather just keep it at 14th then go to 16 ... pickens get really Slim at 16 but see you tonight good luck everybody
  11. I still have not received your invite from League safe so whenever you want to do that I will pay I am in as far as being accepted into the league the first information I gave you about it being full as incorrect what happens is when people look at me and you talkin and see that I'm getting ready to join your league they quick send me an invite to their league so I looked at the wrong League it happened to me last year a lot too but I am in so send leaguesafe when you're able to and I will pay thanks
  12. Okay I am in I am the Telly monster I guess they gave me that name so I just kept it will you send me the league safe invite and I will pay soon as I get it and then we're done