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  1. John brown marlon mack Dionte Johnson russel gage full ppr
  2. Did this in week two due to the matchup and lost because of it. Tread lightly.
  3. Any love for San Fran defense here? They seem to have a pretty good line with the additions of Ford and Bosa. Cinci and Pitt (who didn’t look good). And even Cleveland off the bye.
  4. With all this love for Denver defense, are they a better start/team to have going forward than Baltimore? Also why no no love for Boswell? I know he had a down year but this should still be a good offense.
  5. Hey guys, I know stat corrections come down on Wednesday or so for yahoo as I actually got booted from the playoffs in one league last week due to changes. So what I want to know is if there is any site that lets you know potential stat corrections before Wednesday. I am currently down by .02 thanks to that legatron missed fg and am hoping to get a little love back from the stat corrections since I got screwed last week.
  6. Shouldn’t tenn d/st have 2 points against since their specia teams gave up 2 points
  7. Shouldn’t the titans d/st have 2 pts against? Since the safety was against their special teams
  8. He ran effectively as well. Is this just going to be a hot hand backfield going forward? Every site is hyping penny. But Davis has looked the part as well.
  9. Solid floor player with Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball. What more can anyone ask for? Especially in ppr.
  10. Depends on how active your league is with bidding and how many rb needy teams there are. If it’s like most leagues where people need rbs cause they have guys like Derek Henry and Lamar miller than at least 40% of your budget. But go back and look to see what people bid on Lindsay and yeldon, etc to get a good measuring stick.
  11. Limited practice has to be good news though? If he gets another in tomorrow he might have a shot at playing, right?
  12. He’ll be startable today. Most wont though. He had 9 targets week 3 even if it wasn’t a good game on the stat sheet . Gameplan was to target Westbrook last week. He’ll get his this week with this terrible defense.
  13. How long do you guys think it’ll take to find out the reason for this? Do you think we’ll find out before tomorrow so we can drop him if he’s done for?