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  1. When you're running at the same cadence as someone with shorter legs than you, it may appear that your legs aren't moving fast. In fact you're covering more ground than the shorter CB at the same tempo.
  2. This is a catch 22 for Dirk. You play Jameis (smart thing to do from a franchise perspective) as the season is a write off. Finish your evaluation if you want to extend the guy. Appease the franchise but piss off the players. You play Fitzmagic. Players love him, want to do well for him but the season is a write off. No way they are catching up to the Saints or Panthers. Stranger things have Ryan's resurrection.
  3. He was held out the first four games of the season due to a hamstring injury. If he does come back will he be at full speed? Just checked the depth chart, and it is Sammie Coates (over the top guy who was the M.Bryan role during his suspension). I am skeptical that he comes back quickly given the amount of games he missed earlier and of course other players having such lingering issues (Fournette)
  4. Cannon is listed at 185 lbs where Elijah is 215. This is difficult to decipher. Last year people were high on McGuire overtaking Forte and competing with Powell as he was viewed as versatile and a pass catcher. Elijah was also a sixth round pick with relatively comparable SPARQ to D.Cook and McCaffrey. You look over at Denver with P. Lindsay and they are making it work with a lighter back. What clouds the situation is that Crow is on a 3 year contract and when McGuire comes back less to go around? Continue the 3 headed monster RBBC? McCaffrey McGuire Cook
  5. How important is week 9 to your league. Do you have weekly prizes, is your record pretty good so far this year? Maybe just eat the loss week 9, Kerryon could the lions share of carries as the season progresses. I'm inclined to shop Boyd since it is a double down on cincy with AJ Green.
  6. I like Watson and Ebron side. I can't figure out Luck, I drafted him as my QB and am worried about how much he is throwing if his arm will keep up.
  7. Fournette owner lacking depth in RB. 3 keeper 12 man 0.5 ppr RB Depth: Chris Thompson , Kerryon Johnson, Kamara and McCaffrey WRs Diggs, Golloday, Enunwa KEKE, Sutton and Agholor Do I need to throw more in? 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 2 FLEX, 1 TE, 1K, 1DST
  8. This is the Saints offense it will be high octane and some weapons will have feast and famine. I think tonight was a product of Brees going for the record and Payton scheming as such. If they are looking to find the form from 2017, it will be a suffocating run game / defense (secondary has not been playing to the same calibre as last year albeit last night's game showed that they can still garner turnovers). The previous games possessed a script where Brees was playing in tight games and his best and reliable targets primarily comprised of M. Thomas and Kamara. Look at the score sheet from last night this is vintage Sean Payton spread. If we are talking about Tre'Quan vs Ginn, he has showed good top end speed and from camp my opinion is that Smith has much better hands. I think he will have an increased role but it is very difficult to predict who will be fed week to week so you will have to take the production with tempered bad games (I'm of similar opinion of @munde53). Keeper Dynasty I'd be excited. Here are the weapons that need to be fed: M Thomas T Smith (Ted Ginn) C Meredith Ben Watson / Josh Hill Kamara / Ingram New into the fold - Taysom Hill (read option)
  9. Cousins underthrew diggs in the third quarter on a go route and I think it was Peters who barely got his hand on it. Good play regardless by the CB. Would have been a 42 yd td (much like last game). I'm liking Cousin's looks but not the execution. At this point in the season Thielen is better value but Diggs is just one or two plays away from pushing that ceiling on points.
  10. In the third quarter he had an 42 yard TD that he almost caught (incomplete). Would have been a different day and thread.
  11. I think you have to look at the full story here and context of the game. I agree if you had Winston waiting in the shadow on the third pick he'd probably be ready to go but Winston wasn't there. Instead we saw the resilience of Fitzpatrick which has been his career story. To be honest you ride the wave of the game but if you look at Fitzpatrick's career this is how he's made his living. Story of redemption. We've seen the implosion and yet we've seen him come back season after season. Probably should have known that he wasn't going to give up and attempt another come back in the 4th quarter. The team was real close to being 3-0. Barring injury I think he starts after the bye. Post Evans TD you can see the resurgence of energy he brings with the O line celebrating. Koetter knows they were one or two plays off of the win (team game) and you cannot pin it all on Fitzpatrick.
  12. This I love to see, a Saints fan debating with a Panthers fan about a Buccs starting QB. I think the play is still riding the wave until he implodes and hedge with someone you feel that will have prolonged production into the later parts of the year.
  13. I think that's the scenario where you think of using Fitzpatrick to give your main QB time to get up on two feet. For example, only reason why I considered Fitz is because I possess Andrew Luck and am hoping that Luck will eventually come into form. If the investment is minimal and your confidence in your QB is wavering on the short term (Luck, maybe Stafford, Russell Wilson, Wentz) then he is a viable candidate. You could find more value in someone like Bortles, Red Rocket. I think he will do OK against the Steelers as they've had some issues in the secondary compounded by the drama with Brown and Bell. My play and hope is to get points now and my long term QB will eventually find his pace and rhythm.
  14. Not sure why I was quoted Gooroo. We've seen a story similar to this before. Another QB who had questionable character issues and didn't really have the 'team'. That QB eventually came back but Fitz won the team over and another year on contract. If he makes DJax relevant (which he has) he may get a WR to fully back him like Brandon Marshall did at the Jets. Situation could play out one way or the other but Tampa Bay has the offensive weapons to help him succeed (Evans, Godwin, Howard, Brate, DJAX) Why not get your points now while he's hot? He's got at least 2 other starts barring injury and even then it is his job to lose. If you didn't grab your QB early or hit the Mahomes jack pot why not?