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  1. Start/sit question Minshew vs NO OR Goff vs SF? Leave a link! Thanks!
  2. 10 team standard non ppr league Should I take this trade? Give: Robert Woods and Pat's D Get: DeAndre Hopkins
  3. Team: QB: Daniel Jones, Jared Goff RB: Kamara, Aaron Jones, Joe Mixon, Devin Singletary, Ronald Jones, Adrian Peterson WR: Mike Evans, Tyler Boyd, Robert Woods, Tyrell Williams, Mecole Hardman TE: Greg Olsen 😧 Patriots D
  4. I would choose to deal Jones. At least you have samuels as connors handcuff. Thanks for the help on mine.
  5. My team is in the sig. I only have trouble giving up the patriots D because they have been so good and their schedule looks easy.
  6. Should I make this trade? I would be getting Hopkins. Give: Robert Woods, Ronald Jones, Patriots D Get: Deandre Hopkins Standard redraft league. I don't want to give up the patriots D but they must be included for the Hopkins owner to accept. Leave a link! Thanks!
  7. 12 team standard redraft league Should I make this trade? D. Cook and L. Miller For M. Ingram and D. Martin I get Ingram and Martin. Leave a link and team in sig. Thanks!
  8. 12 team standard redraft league Should I trade: Dalvin Cook For Mark Ingram I would be getting Ingram. Leave a link thanks!
  9. 12 team redraft standard league I need help with who I should start. Who do I leave on my bench? J. Howard, A. Collins, B. Powell, M. Mack Who do I sit this week? Standard scoring Leave a link thanks!
  10. It is pending review all I have to do is accept or decline
  11. I would take Graham as well. Help on mine?
  12. I would stick with Hyde. He is the safest. Help with mine?