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  1. LOL this guy can't win. He rips off a huge TD and he still sucks. He gets the majority of the work and he still sucks.
  2. Was out of the loop all day today. Was this officially announced? So he is playing week 1?
  3. They fined him again? So does this mean he won't be suspended?
  4. Need to choose 1. Already down pretty big so leaning Josh Allen
  5. Might play him over Dak. Flip flopping back and forth
  6. Damn. Now guys that handcuffed are stuck between starting him and Alf. Brutal they should have just ruled him out
  7. I keep reading Vance McDonald is the starter? Any Steelers fans that can weigh in?
  8. Lol according to rotoworld he is a mere RB5.
  9. Feels like he has done this before and then you pick him up and he burns you. If you can get him for cheap its worth the shot though just not gonna spend a lot on him
  10. Lots of good names being thrown out. I would love to see a breakdown for the last few years on when the best time to put in waiver claims is. I'd have to think you have the best opportunity to land an impact guy the first few weeks but maybe that's foolish
  11. He is an RB2. Off the waiver wire this late in the season that is pretty good. Can we all agree?
  12. In Yahoo I believe you will still be able to make changes to your lineup with him still in the IR but as soon as you go to drop or pick someone up it will block you telling you that you need to move Woodhead out of the IR spot in order to do so