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  1. Played him over Doyle and it cost me the W. Good riddance!
  2. Do it. Luck will (hopefully) be coming back and Colts are definitely still in the division race.
  3. Drop him. I can't see you using him over any of your other options help?
  4. Get Julio. help?
  5. I wouldn't do that. Julio will right the ship and I see Martin getting close to Gordon-level due to Winston's injury and only being back two weeks help?
  6. 12 team .5 ppr. M.Bryant hasn't panned out yet, Jeffrey is losing to Agholor, and Davante just lost Rodgers so I need WR help! Do I do this trade or do something else? He also offered Amendola/Benjamin for Adams/Graham ( which hurts a bit because I dropped Amendola early lol)