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  1. You're being a little sensitive there, bud. What you said was misleading. I was thinking the same exact thing. I'm glad someone else helped clarify it bc it was ambiguous.
  2. Lol ok bud, I'll come to you for medical advice and law consultations. Your argument loses credence for those with any sense of the law of averages and statistics... Yes, any individual expert could very well be garbage and have prevalent bizarre takes, just like you can run across an outlier s--- doctor or lawyer here or there, but at the end of the day I'm putting my trust in the average ER physician to stitch up my leg over my grandmom just like I'm going to the average lawyer to receive consultation about state law liability and fault of the car accident that put me in the ER in the first place over my next door neighbor...
  3. Fantasy Pros aggregates the rankings from various sources around the internet. A very small % of those 107 are actually affiliated with Fantasy Pros. So you're essentially trashing every "expert" that has a large enough influence to be included in a group of 100. In other words, you're trashing everyone who has a job covering fantasy football. With that said, no way I pick Kittle over AB.
  4. It's on. They finally realized who the better back was.
  5. He ended up as a top 5 WR last year (#4) even with game manager Alex Smith, because, once again, he's the fastest and most explosive player in the NFL. You should not be concerned.
  6. You asked if I was concerned. A lack of targets hurts any player to a certain extent, but it hurts the most explosive player in the NFL the least bc he capitalizes on those targets by turning them into long chunk plays and TDs. Conversely, a possession receiver who receives the same amount of targets may not even be rostered in FF... makes sense?
  7. No b/c he is such an explosive player; he doesnt need a lot of targets to do damage. Believe he is leading the league in yrds/catch. He had 0 points heading into halftime and then only needed one half to crack the top WR performances of the week. He's just faster than everyone else on the field.
  8. That was a TD pass on the field but the ref screwed it up and Bortles inexplicably rushed to the line and handed it off to fournette, who I'm playing. I knew Bortles would screw me over but I didn't foresee this.
  9. I have a lot of complaints about ESPN.. This would just be one more.
  10. Does that count as 2 points for the Jags D/ST? It should...