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  1. Schefty tweeted at 4:00 PM yesterday and I added AB at 4:01😂 My league mates were pissed. He was drafted in our league too but's been on waivers since week 2 I believe.
  2. WHEN HEALTHY is my biggest concern this year.
  3. What a roller coaster with this dude. I have Gibson and Scary too. It sucks. After the Baltimore game I was on cloud 9 with this guy. Now McKissic is the lead back!?
  4. Agreed. We definitely have no clue what we are doing! It’s all a crap shoot.
  5. I know. I was so high on him coming into the year. He was high on my wish list. Thought he was a steal early in the season.
  6. I would consider Claypool over McLaurin with Diontae Johnson out Claypool should see a ton of work again. I hate sitting Scary Terry but the QB situation in DC is bad. I would also consider picking up Ebron at TE. He has a much better matchup vs the Browns. Graham plays the Panthers who have been stingy vs. TEs
  7. I agree ^ if you need the RB help it’s a good move. If not I would hold.
  8. People trade IDP’s?!😂 I like Diontae over Devonta for sure.
  9. TY & Ertz. I think Ertz has his best game of the year this weekend.
  10. WHIR. I’m giving up Diontae Johnson and receiving Kenyan Drake. Thoughts? Trading CEH so I’m super thin at RB now.