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  1. Man. That’s tough. Mack is a definite yes IMO. Gut says Mack and Kirk.
  2. Hyde probably safest. For me it’s between Hyde and Jamaal. Hyde will have the most volume and opportunity.
  3. Thanks Keven. Yahoo has Penny at 6. I thought that felt low.
  4. I know. That’s my gut but also scares me the most
  5. I think Ridley has the higher ceiling and is the better choice.
  6. Hunt definitely. He has shown to be the most consistent out of those 3. I do think Penny has a higher ceiling but also riskier.
  7. All over the place with this decision. Pick my flex. WHIR. 4 team playoff league so need to win to get in. Full PPR Drake vs. vs Pit (13.73 projected) Dede vs. Jacksonville (12.23) Darwin Thompson vs. New England (9.54) Penny vs. LA Rams (6.23)
  8. Anyone confident in rolling Dede out today?
  9. They can't be too bad if you are in the playoffs!😂 I plan on flexing Penny, I think he will be a solid play. Who was your RB2?
  10. Trying to trade this BUM at all cost. I have 4 trades on the table to ship him out of town. I honestly think he ends up getting IR'd before the season is over. Just a hunch.
  11. I think you have it right. Jamaal and Shady.
  12. I’d go Ebron to start. I think he has the highest ceiling of the 3. I think Doyle is the safest drop.
  13. I feel like OJ is an EASY DROP. Hockenson is available on the waivers and seems like a smart pickup. It's hard dropping someone with the draft capital I spent on him. I have Hunter Henry so I'm solid at TE. OJ has Arizona next week, granted Arians doesn't use OJ regardless but still seems like a great spot.
  14. LOVE THE DRAKE! I admit I was not confident starting him last nite, but I had to. Was trying to flip him all day for the likes of Walton, Breida, etc. Glad I got stuck with him😂 I currently have DJ, Drake and Edmonds. I'd imagine Edmonds is an easy drop?