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  1. I would not make this move. Charles has considerable upside and I don't like losing the best player in the deal (Gordon).
  2. I'm very high on Charles, but in a PPR - not sure you have someone who is expendable. Maybe Sims - not sure though.
  3. I'd be content. Depth may be a bit of an issue.. what are your best options on waivers?
  4. I think you have a solid team... Any particular players you are looking at on the waiver wire? I would be ok with losing James White or Jordan Matthews for a better player.
  5. Over Golladay? His bench RBs are Gore and Henry - he has OBJ, Dez, Garcon, and Matthews at WR. There is still some buzz that Rex could be the starter in NE. You could be right, but I'd be holding onto Rex through week 2.
  6. Prefer Mixon side - the Bengals can't afford to (and won't) hold Mixon back. Ertz is far better than Ebron.
  7. I'd probably hold off on dropping Burkhead until we see how that situation plays out in NE. Plus, your RB3s are questionable.
  8. Not good at assigning letter grades, but you have no obvious weak spots - should feel content. Only adjustment I'd make is to try to package Allen and Kelvin for a top 6/7 WR (maybe someone doesn't have enough WR depth?)
  9. Can do. I have little confidence in Keenan Allen staying healthy, so Williams could be just as valuable as Pryor.. could be. Still do the trade.
  10. Yes, you should be dropping Kenny Gollaway. With one keeper, you aren't going to be keeping him this year - so you can just grab him in the draft next year if you desire.
  11. I'd go with diversity in every other option... except for here.
  12. Cook and Lynch is the upside play... therefore, that is the way I'm going