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  1. Hard to pass on Reed this week. He's got to be their #1 RZ target and should get a lot of opportunity.
  2. I wouldn't. Not sure about Brady this year but don't think Watson is worth giving up Conner.
  3. I like the Eagles at home over the other three.
  4. Drop Minshew if you can. Otherwise Gage.
  5. If you're looking for ceiling I'd probably go McKinnon and Slayton. Close one on Kelley vs Slayton though. Don't like Johnson against Pitt. Thanks for mine.
  6. Look back no further than week 2 in a close game against the Titans where he rushed for 100 yds and a TD on 16 carries. I'm not saying he's script proof but... he didn't put up RB1 numbers in wk 2 with dump offs. I think the Ridley's rookie situation is apples and oranges, ATL had other play makers at pass catching positions including Julio Jones... The Jags don't have any other runners at the moment and, even when they do come back, none are even close to the caliber that Jones is as a WR. Not to mention it usually takes WRs a couple of years to get their production to match their potential not as much for RBs.
  7. Re read my post. I was replying to @P@ckersFan using your quote to rebuttal SOME of his nonsense. Fixed it with an @ below your quote, my bad. I'm right there with ya.
  8. You must have missed the post right above yours: @P@ckersFan You also must have missed the game and the boat. Chris Thompson was not good, he caught a few passes but did nothing to get extra yards, didn't break any tackles and didn't make anyone miss, all things Robinson did with his catches. Thompson was also a minus in pass pro. Calling Robinson slow is idiotic, his game speed looked fantastic making reads and cuts and bursting down field. Who cares if Thompson ran a 4.4 SEVEN years ago? If anything, comparing both backs performances, the Jags should be considering working the ROOKIE in more, not less. It was his third NFL game after a non-existent pre-season. He looked nothing but stellar and should continue to build on his skill set.
  9. That would have been useful information 4 hours ago... Good lookin' out.
  10. Started Minshew (over Brees) and Parker (over JuJu/Edelman) with Robinson on my bench... nice way to start the week! I did start Jrob in my other league... and own him in both so I guess it's not all bad.
  11. As of this moment no. But there is a middle ground between dropping him right this second and him staying on your roster all season. I'd hold another week or two to see how it shakes out unless I need the roster spot. Dropping now is understandable if you need to make moves and he's the last player on your bench.