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  1. awesome gane today double double with 4 stls and 3 blks! time to add and hold til the deadline?
  2. should i drop kanter for zubac? who would be better ros? 12 team 8cat league.
  3. who would be better ROS kanter or zubac?
  4. ouch another 4 weeks. held so long without an IR slot. dop city?
  5. just flipped him for tatum after the big game in a 10 team league
  6. pretty solid thus far. fantasy world no love for him?
  7. november 7 return date. time to stash might be better than hield that goes 2-3 rounds before him.
  8. allen was just dropped bigs come by difficult in our league. it is a standard 12 team 9 cat. is he worth a #2 waiver due to his high upside?
  9. dwindling stats and minutes. sadly time to drop for someone with more upside
  10. thinking of dropping him for someone like hart or powell.
  11. i say bad. JR clarkson korver as his competition.
  12. 12 h2h 9 cat. better ros projection?