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  1. My strategy; Short version: Don't ever have a strategy (WR-WR-RB-WR-RB). BPA and let the draft unfold as it may. My strategy; Long version: 1: I will admit when I saw 1.06, my first thought was "No Saquon", and my 2nd thought was "I'm probably going stud WR". Alas, the big 4 + Hopkins went ... giving me the last "RB1" in my eyes David Johnson. His 2018 demise was grossly exaggerated, and in a year where everything went wrong - he put up ~1400 yards, 50 receptions, 10 TDs. When this is your "bust" production, you are more than welcome on my team. I absolutely love him in KK's offense and the overall talent infusion on offense is quite promising. He'll be running out of the shotgun more, which he thrives in, and I expect a monster season a lot closer to 2016 than 2018. Mobile QB + shotgun = good luck defenses. 2: Had a couple "targets". Leonard Fournette, my top target, fell into my lap. The last time I checked, he's still the focal point of an offense that I expect to improve with competent QB play (Foles > Bortles) and an offensive line that most likely won't have 80% of its starters injured - including prized FA A.Norwell, an absolute stud offensive lineman. I do not abide by "injury prone" BS. He is healthy at the moment, his offense should be improved, and he's continued to become more involved in the passing game. Yes, he's an "injury risk" - that is the only reason he's even available at this point. He's not injured now, nor am I naive enough to view any RB as "safe" (Cook, Conner, D.Williams are not "safer" - at all), so I made the easy choice and gladly acquired a RB who will be fed the ball 20+ times a game. There's a handful of RBs you can confidently say that about - and I now have 2 of them. 3: Ok, I wasn't planning on going RB - RB , but I stuck to best player available and let the draft come to me. Again, my top target Brandin Cooks fell to me. Boom/bust blah blah blah, he's an elite deep threat in 1 of the best offenses in the game and has produced ~1100+ a year since 2015. If he was gone, Tyreek Hill was the pick. Go big or go home, I never draft "safe" (it's nonsense). In hindsight, I'd rather have Hill ... although knowing what we know now, he wouldn't have even been an option at this point. Thrilled with my top 3 picks so far. 4: No plan, a few "targets" at various positions, let's see what happens... This is the only round I was "sniped" somewhat, but still landed a target of mine: the annually underrated Alshon Jeffery, the top WR in what should be an elite offense. Spare me the injury prone nonsense, while "risky" it is once again baked into this draft price. Not a lot of people realize, and I was surprised myself, but Alshon has been a top 20 targeted WR (per game) in the NFL as an Eagle. No training camp (for him or his QB), missed the first month of the season, still put up 65/850/6 in 13 games with the second highest yards per target of his career. Top 30 WR last year despite all the other weapons/missed camp, and there's no reason to expect otherwise this year. Maybe he'll get hurt, oh well it's the only reason he's available at this point and he's a legit threat to score every time he's on the field. Gosh, I was really torn on Alshon/Allen Robinson ... 5. Holy ... Allen Robinson is still available. Very similar logic/rationale for liking Robinson/Alshon and thrilled to have both - was not expecting this at all. I love the Bears offense this year. Coming off significant injury, missed time, new offense, new QB ... still managed a 16 game pace of 900+ yards and 68 receptions. This is his floor, and a no brainer for me at this point as my WR3. "Risky", whatever - this is once again baked into the cost to acquire him. Cooks, Alshon, Robinson and 2 "bellcow" RBs? Yes please. 6: My top target L. Murray falls into my lap. Every year people delude themselves into thinking "Kamara's gonna get like 30 touches and 20 receptions each week now", and every year Payton unleashes a fruitful RB committee. Latavius Murray is a goalline battering ram with elite breakaway speed, playing in the best offense and offensive line of his career. If you told me Murray would be available at this point, I may have bypassed DJ for a top WR. Oh well, Allen Robinson & L.Murray at flex is a lovely "problem." 7: D'Onta Foreman ... considered QB, loved so many on the board still so didn't bother - figured I'd let you all help me decide who my QB would be ... thanks. Didn't love any WRs available, TEs are dime a dozen at this point (Kelce is the only TE I would've even considered early anyway). Bunch of back up RBs with "upside" on the board ... so I rolled the dice on the most talented back playing in an elite offense with a mediocre vet in his way and an organization that chose not to move on from Foreman or address the position in the offseason. Why? Because maybe, just maybe, he's healthy and playing at less weight to look "more explosive than ever". It's blatantly obvious he is in their plans and there has been nothing but positive news coming out of Houston. This guy is a f'n stud since his days at Texas, even Ricky Williams referred to Foreman as the better RB ... if he's anywhere close to 100% - "league winner". If he isn't, oh well I missed out on scrubs like Ronald Jones and timeshare at best RBs with less talent. 8. Keke Coutee, WR ... This is a guy I fell in love with as the draft/prep unfolded. His QB peppered him with targets (like, shockingly similar to Deandre Hopkins) and has already said the Texans need to find ways to get the ball more. Getting him 2 rounds after Will Fuller is absurd. In the games they all played together: Coutee had 30 targets to Fuller's 19, and offers similar elite speed/big play ability (yes, Fuller is faster). 9. DK Metcalf, Freak ... quite frankly there is no one on the board at this point with this athletic ability, available targets, and week winning potential available. Many will fall back to the "he can only run a straight line fast" BS - it's absurd. His college system pegged him in that role (the "go deep and score" or "go deep and make AJ Brown's life easier underneath" role). Also, big WRs like this rarely run the 3-cone everyone like's to cry about. I will take a 6'3, 230 pound WR prospect with 90+ percentile measurables (wingspan, 40-time, vertical, broad, bench) playing with 1 of the best QBs in the NFL in an offense lacking a legitimate #1 @ 118th overall every time. Fun fact: He ran identical 20-yard shuttles as Dez Bryant and Deandre Hopkins. This is an absolute freak of nature playing for a team that traded up to acquire his rights and has 1 of the best QBs in the league throwing to him - with only Tyler Lockett as competition for targets. 10. Chase Edmonds. Handcuffs are flying off the board, time to get DJ's. RB2 in ppr leagues if DJ goes down. Still a lot of QBs I like on the board and I'm smart enough to play matchups with DST, so whatever. 11. Cam Newton, absurd value @ 146. A great example of what this league does every year: try and find the next "big thing" while outsmarting themselves. I was not targeting Cam this year, because I never thought he'd be available this late. Honestly - I still can't believe it. 12. Mitch Trubisky, or "Cam-lite". Top 10 QB per game production despite a dominant defense, new offense, and banged up weapons. Sky = limit and his schedule pairs perfectly with Cam's. I will get top 5-10 QB production for the cost of 3rd string RB flyers. Couldn't be happier with these 2. 13. Darwin Thompson - bigger, stronger Tarik Cohen style RB. Andy Reid offense. Barriers to success: a mediocre Dolphins cast off who's never performed well over a full season and a guy on his 4th team in 2 years. Oh, and the guy DHC didn't realize actually was cut a month ago. Dart throw extraordinaire. 14. Noah Fant - oh no a rookie tight end; gasp! This 1st round pick TE just happens to be have WR1 athletic traits, a veteran QB known for force feeding the position, and a new offensive system that Kittle recently thrived in and wants to feature the tight end. Is he going to be Kittle? Nah, highly unlikely. Can he be a "TE1"? Well, considering 50 receptions / 600 yards would put him near top 10 amongst the position based on last year, his QB is Flacco, and the WR corp is suspect at best ... absolutely. A low level "TE1" needs to average 3 receptions for 38 yards to meet last year's criteria ... I like this guy's chances to at least match that. 15. Antonio Calloway elite potential deep threat in high powered offense drawing rave reviews for his work on/off the field (major issue in past) who is 1 Beckham injury away from being a great WR3 at least. Odell Beckham has had significant lower body injuries piling up while missing 16 of his last 32 games. If you want to cry about "injury prone" - I'll gladly throw this dart to see if Odell survives preseason at least. Enjoy your stud kickers. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong - but I f'ing love this team's potential.
  2. 1. You don’t have better RBs, stop. 2. Your WR corp is not even close. 3. You have a better tight end. 4. I’m not even going to acknowledge your almighty defense advantage. 5. Do you actually take yourself seriously?
  3. No, because handcuffing David Johnson with Edmonds means I don’t have to spend FAAB ... you know, the basic point. Congrats on the nibbles and better kicker though.
  4. 1. RB handcuffs who could be thrust into RB rolls > backup QBs 2. Gallup is legit So, no - you aren’t trading those QBs for those players directly ... would you trade those QBs for potential RB2’s? because that’s what they are as handcuffs - potential RB2s worth a lot more than 3rd string QBs don’t be mad some people are smart enough to actually handcuff or throw RB darts at guys that are actually on an NFL roster
  5. I hate to break it to you, but it's highly unlikely anyone in this league is dumb enough to pay anything decent for 2nd and 3rd string running QBs in a 6 point passing league ... but you've got Boobie Williams, so you're fine. Good luck. When shall we expect our teams to be up on the yahoo machine? [No pressure, just general inquiry]
  6. I know, I only mentioned you since you basically don't have a QB as of now ... we can all laugh at DHC all year as his 3rd string QB outrushes his starting RB2.
  7. I have never once successfully traded a QB outside of 2 QB leagues. Its not worth it and nearly impossible to agree on “QB for __” . Basically, it’s a stupid strategy Maybe it’ll work for FFC, since he’s starting the Dolphins likely backup - but he’s actually intelligent so unlikely
  8. It’s all good, needed the reminder of why I stopped posting on this wasteland in the first place Thanks for the draft prep and good luck to you all in your money leagues Message/propose trades on yahoo app if you’d like ... My work here is done
  9. did rotounderworld tell you so? First pick sleepers that are currently on NFL 90-man rosters - then talk. QB: You, though Cam/Mitch at a significantly reduced cost and ideal pairing matchups is the route I'll go 10/10 times RBs: Me, and it's not even close. WRs: Me, and it's not even close. Your #2 is my bye week plug in TE: You Congrats on the better QB/TE
  10. I've got 1 last "must have" ... don't do it @ZidaneValor ...