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  1. Not so sure it’s the coach ....Aaron Rodgers doesn’t always play according to plan, and there’s a LOT of times that jones is running open and the “oh so keen” Rodgers “doesn’t see him waving.” And throws the ball away
  2. the lack of passes has been ridiculous... this kid goes nuts in open space. I pretty much committed to sitting for the Wildcard Boone.better matchup against Green Bay. [...]
  3. Thoughts on Crowder today against Pitt ????anyone playing him????
  4. Anyone considering other options with today’s era forecast????
  5. Anyone concerned about snow and wind in KC? Really keying in on Kelce....
  6. I think if you’re starting ,you’re hoping to get the ppr for his role as the young Sproles type change up
  7. I think they may both get run... just a hunch
  8. Moire, Kelce and Kittle in flex, Sutton can go in place of Kittle if you’re feeling that...
  9. Anyone else worried or excited for this dude ???
  10. Is anyone trusting that suddenly he’s going to ball out and slice through the defense today ? And Nagy? Im shocked that all of the sites have him as a “must start”...
  11. Jones is best when he gets out in space. Throw him some screen passes, and tosses, instead of the predictable run up the middle that characterized the last game.