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  1. I could use some more action from jaylen Samuel's please
  2. This. I expect to steamroll at least a few matchups with a top 3 pick.
  3. im playing him over gronk in my TE spot, and i feel GREAT about it.
  4. terrified of what gronk wont do this week for me
  5. playing against him in the ship. ill be happy if he doesnt score more than 20-25 points in a standard league. lol
  6. where are y'all ranking him if ware plays? people seem to think he's going to be productive regardless.
  7. seems good to me.... I'm on the fence with damien as well.
  8. I was planning on playing Samuels if conner doesn't play. I will also play d will if ware doesn't play. I am definitely leaning towards playing edelman. thanks
  9. you could get super technical with this depending on matchups, but my gut says let it roll how it was setup in the first place. and as a disclaimer, I want NOTHING to do with week 17 championships.