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  1. Not discounting your Mooney recommendation, but Lattimore has been garbage this year.
  2. This falls in line with the theory they couldn’t properly diagnose the injury earlier in the week due to swelling.
  3. From the amount of activity in here you'd think this was the Josh Gordon thread...
  4. My biggest takeaway was with his first rushing TD on Sunday he got the entire goal line series. I would strongly recommend holding. He already has all the passing down snaps on lock.
  5. I will say the Chiefs barely pushed the ball downfield this game. Partially due to weather, but also the Bills letting them run all over. Hill also had a dud because of this. I’m not sure I’d drop him unless it was for someone who’s actually performing. His upside is still there.
  6. They’ll sit him through the bye and he’ll be reevaluated afterwards. To my IR spot you go buddy. Thanks for the inconsistent, but fun weeks we’ve had.
  7. I mean it’s not ideal, but there is absolutely no reason to keep Henry out of your RB1 slot ROS.
  8. At least we know he’s not playing Thursday 🤪
  9. Lions just need to move on from Johnson. They have no intention of using him and he deserves a chance somewhere else.
  10. So I guess he’s back to every week WR2 territory...
  11. He’s fantasy gold. That was a “bad” game for him too
  12. I just want to see upward trajectory. The blowup game isn’t realistic, but if he has a game similar to what Edmonds had last week against the Jets, then that’s all we can ask for.