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  1. oh it so is. I played McCoy today who luckily had the most points between the 3 but that was only due to Williams leaving due to injury. Once the game was out of reach for the Raiders it was all Darwin. This is definitely a RBBC. I’m abandoning ship after this week.
  2. Fire everyone in the front office. Tepper needs to make this team his cause this is an absolute disaster.
  3. He’s unbelievable. Never seen anything like it. And major props to Ozzie (he set them up on his last draft) Roman/Harbaugh/DeCosta for completely retooling this offense in such a short amount of time
  4. Obviously if you need to start a TE you’d play Ertz over anyone but Kelce/Kittle/Henry? But how are we feeling about benching him in favor of someone like Parker/Kirk/Beckham?
  5. No way Damien plays this week, that’s pretty much a given at this point with him out multiple practices and signing McGuire. I’m still leaning towards Shady if I had to play a KC RB this week.
  6. Up by 11. Opponent only has Wilson left. Dwelley is also available. Thanks!
  7. I’m in an odd scenario. My flex spot is currently open since Kittle is out. Picked up Deebo Samuel to start. Hollister and Dwelly are also available (surprise). I’m up by 11 and he has Wilson. I think I’m done...