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  1. Not an owner , just curious.... How was he tracking before the injury ? Were you guys happy with him ?
  2. Man, Reggie Miller repeatedly calling him " a poor man's Draymond " and "Draymond lite " was infuriating. Outside of size and shape they are nothing alike. Completely different games
  3. was a better line obviously but dd anyone actually catch the game ? Curious to know how he was moving as he looked awful last game
  4. well as a Warriors fan, that was unpleasant. Was like he was picking on the kids on the Special Ed bus
  5. even with his flukey 6, i still hate this guy
  6. mmm it's an interesting question and one I answer having watched every game this season. I dont agree with not playing "right". Kerr has always given his scorers a huge leash, and that hasnt changed. Its just now instead of Steph and Klay hoisting seemingly terrible shots, it's D Lo (a massive drop off in shooting). We are playing hard every night though, I'll given them that. If we hadn't had the sustained amount of recent success, plus the obvious eye on next year, it would be a lot different. That said, I've been a fan of this team for 30 years so I've seen us look a lot worse and completely devoid of any hope (people forget how bad we were in to 2000s - eg 12 straight years missing the playoffs)
  7. Yeah I just dont see us moving him this season unless we are blown away by an offer
  8. I started this thread in a blaze of glory. It's probably been the highlight of his season. Until the last few games he's been HISTORICALLY bad 😂
  9. Hahaha **** this was meant to be in the vent thread. My bad. Ok so back on track ummm hmmm ....he has a cool name
  10. Own him in 2 weeks but as a Warriors fan, just sit this one out my man's ❤️
  11. Few weeks ago was carrying 7 injuries including marcus smart and his pink eye. So of course this week I'm playing the guy who had no injuries, stashed smart and dropped 10 3s on me yesterday Guess I'll just go f--- myself then
  12. one fkn rebound in a half?! Thats it!!??