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  1. unpopular opinion i know (especially given Kobe's tragic passing...RIP) but; Duncan was the best of the 3 I've felt that way forever
  2. Gents Long time no see, hope everyone is ok. No basketball is breaking my brain a little random, but hey, we have time, so thought I'd share - There's a few "jersey challenge's" going round atm on IG, and I kept getting tagged so had a crack at getting them all together. A few have sadly disappeared over the years (Dunleavy going missing was weird) but here's my humble little collection, split into Warriors and Others.
  3. Lebron is undoubtedly one of the greats. I am a huge fan (even though that block on Iggy still haunts my ******** dreams ) but anytime I see "Lebron > Jordan " I automatically assume the person wasn't old enough (or even born) to remember Jordan
  4. So round 1 of our national game, Australian Rules Football, kicked off tonight in front of an empty stadium that usually sees this game attract over 90,000 people Holy **** it was weird. Eery
  5. Our (Australia) national Basketball league are currently playing their final series in empty stadiums. Pretty weird to watch. Our national football league is about to start this week, also in empty stadiums. That one is going to be REAL weird - the opening game usually has over 90,000 people
  6. My god, serious ?? $1k?! Can I ask why the fk you guys don't have free health care ?? Here in Aus you can get a dr to come and see at night (a locum ) for free then go through a drive through that tests you (also free ) the next day Because that's how it should be
  7. Like our Lord* and saviour Joe Lacob said .... "Light years ahead" (*All praise to fantasy Lord RoCo ❤️)
  8. If it wasn't Rudy it would have been another player I'm sure Premier League Footballers are testing positive now. It's everywhere
  9. So if the season gets cancelled, we could land the number 1 pick and still make the Finals for 6 straight years ....