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  1. Why do people worship this trash can Wentz? I just don’t get it.
  2. You know it’s a really sad state of affairs when instead of being concerned about what actually happened during the play, good or bad, I find myself instead concerned about whether or not the refs are going to throw ANOTHER penalty. SMH NFL.
  3. Think the Colts would be an amazing spot for him.
  4. I didn’t bench him, I’m referencing a post I made on the previous page. Go read it if you want context.
  5. In typical 2018 fashion I’m wrong about anything and everything once again and if you benched him you are a big dumb jabroney and will possibly lose because of it.
  6. The selective censorship on these forums recently has been alarming. I’ve seen some pretty benign posts be deleted yet this stays? It’s been days lol... Anyways, I’m out in my league I had Ertz but if I was in the finals I would be seriously worried about starting him. Granted I most likely wouldn’t have a better option so I would just say F it and start him but feel horrible about it. Certainly isnt crazy if you actually bench him.
  7. This game quickly devolved into a s--- show of awful calls and awful defense. So your standard NFL game nowadays.
  8. A penalty on a RB for lowering his helmet? ya I’m done with the NFL soon