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  1. I don't know. Given the recent news that the Eagles have some form of interest in Hunt, this indicates to me that there is some internal threshold (a threshold I don't understand given Kaepernick's situation). All that matters is that a team perceives that Bell can help them out in 2019.
  2. For now, I think Hunt deserves a second chance. He needs to go through some processing this off-season and get his personal life together. I hope I see him play again in the future (given he does go through and complete some kinda personal growth). I'm actually looking forward to this interview.
  3. I'm in a similar situation - I have Barkely, Conner, Chubb & Ware (can only run three, the latter three I all got as FA (beat everyone to the punch)). I gotta bench Ware even though my gut says he may outscore Chubb this week who's going up against Houston. There's two ways I think this can go: 1. Reid heavily features Ware who has the experience, knows the playbook, and uses this Raiders game to establish Ware as the definitive RB1 on the team. 2. Reid uses a some form of a committee to see what he also has with the other RBs (Williams, one of them or both of them). I'm like 15% worried about scenario 2. But that 15% is making go with Chubb even though Chubb has the tougher match-up. Snap count % will be something I'll be looking for tomorrow.
  4. It would be nice if Harris releases analysis on Ware before Sunday.
  5. I'm gonna wait to see where he ranks. I have Conner, Barkely, Chubb and Ware and I'm leaning towards starting over Chubb just based on Chubb going against Houston. Since I was already kinda set at RB position, I think my main plus was that I blocked Ware from the other playoff teams, notably the Hunt owner sitting in 2nd place.
  6. This is my last post addressing you in this sub-thread (FYI, I ain't blocking you (I don't even know if that function is available)) - I'm not looking to derail. I just don't understand the point of your question in this forum. If this was an ethics based forum, I would get it. But on RW, and in this specific thread, no matter how anyone responds, I don't see the point as it gets way too personal.
  7. And that tells me all I need to know about you. So's a female and that's it. There's not point in addressing your hypothetical ethics question.
  8. The fact that we have disagreement on the severity means that it's bad enough. I can't believe the Chiefs didn't get out in front of this (correct me if I'm wrong here).
  9. Week to week, he's a low end WR2 with a high ceiling and a low floor. I would not be surprised if he starts to become more middling WR2, putting up more consistent numbers. He is (IMO) the Titans' best weapon - not Lewis, not Henry, not any of the other WRs. LaFleur really needs to figure out how to integrate Davis better but if that never realizes, we can expect this up and down kinda stuff from Davis.
  10. Can't recall the specific time though....
  11. I hope he gets what he wants. In general, I feel bad for RBs....I get the whole replacement value notion, but it's a brutal position to play....
  12. That's up to you and your confidence level. Given all the information we know, no one can answer your question definitively.
  13. Agreed...also (just fyi), I made added a small edit for clarification.
  14. I just read Kaboly's article this morning on The Athletic (can't believe I missed the feed yesterday). Kaboly cites his own sources, but doesn't name any names of course. One of the things I found interesting: the article alluded to Bell's camp just recently discovering that Bell doesn't need to sign to become a free agent. If that's true, I'm a bit shocked - I mean, part of your agent's critical responsibilities is to know all these options and outcomes. I were Bell, I would've fired my agent (again if it's true). Edit: I made a minor mistake - it seems like Bell learned that he would be 3rd Franchise Tag'ee not a 2nd for 2019.