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  1. Tied record today with 4 doubles. I'm honestly surprised he doesn't have 1.000+ OPS..... yet.
  2. Who has the better future: Kopech or Glasnow? Eerily similar.....
  3. How are people still playing him? The Orioles keep on throwing him out there and they're clearly tanking. i play daily fantasy and just need to start playing 5 hitters against him every time he starts. He legit throws BP
  4. I played Baltimore lefties + Mancini vs Porcello the other week and that was a disaster.
  5. I just wish I could predict which starts his velocity would be down. Could make a killing in DFS haha.
  6. Why would they let Bundy, who is known for fatigue issues throw 120+ pitches? No wonder Baltimore is a ****show.
  7. So he just got his velocity back that quickly? No DL stint, no extra days of rest? Interesting.....
  8. Dude has to be injured. Very selfish of him to keep on pitching. Velocity is down. I've never seen a pitcher go from looking like an ace to looking like a weekend softball league pitcher in a matter of a few weeks.
  9. just joined this website- looks great!!! no more yahoo answers lol!!