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  1. Oh boy, now I can't sleep at night. I took him at the 3rd pick, couldn't let myself pass on that position. But now I am worried my first pick won't even play or maybe play limited games/minutes like what happened to AD before. Ha ha. I don't mind him getting traded and not being the Alpha on that team, as long as he plays. LOL.
  2. Worth the hold I think, basically can't find someone with his upside on the waiver wire on most leagues. Hold now or risk watching him explode on someone else's fantasy team when he gets back (especially if Adams gets traded).
  3. I don't mind him pulling his best paul pierce imitation. Haha. Please please be okay.
  4. Still no inj tag, I am in a 16-team league and need the slot. Can't drop him.
  5. I am pretty nervous with the usage rate and minutes. I need asts as well so I am thinking of dropping delon wright for tyus jones. Have him on almost all my 12-team leagues. Got him usually at round 8-9. Should I do it? 😅
  6. Haven't really drafted yet but this league's been really conservative for the past few years with these kind of situations, I'm guessing this is the case but I may be wrong.
  7. Wow 20 seems really early. Well if it does pay off though. This is very useful insight, thank you!
  8. Yes true, that is why everyone is so hesitant about this guy. Ugh, so much talent going to get wasted. Thanks for your opinion.
  9. Say you are on a 13 team, 9 cat league. What round do you take Embiid and Holmes respectively? If he falls to round 6-7 do I risk it? The upside is way too high to pass up but it seems nobody wants to pull the trigger.
  10. Can't decide it the upside is so tempting. Say he falls to round 6-7 on a 13 team 9 cat, do you take him? Looks like in this league I'm in nobody wants to pull the trigger. What round do you guys usually take his handcuff Holmes?
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