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  1. I need Phillip Lindsay and Broncos D to score less than 42 points combined. I'm hoping the Raiders show up since it might be the last game at the coliseum
  2. Title says it all. Would you go for the high upside of Allen or the safe picks with Wilson and Ryan.
  3. Up by 18. He's got Seahawks D and Lockett I have Thielen and Russell Wilson
  4. i love how many people have wasted so, so much time saying the same thing over and over and over, Unless you're in like a 200+ dollar buy in and are *still* at this point competitive expecting him to come back and be a serious value/force....what the **ck is you concern? Sincerely, James Conner owner
  5. lol yes, reports = clickbait your truth is not THE truth
  6. Gordon and Sutton or MVS. I'd go Sutton I think.
  7. Golladay for sure
  8. Aaron Jones or Johnson. Depends how you feel about NE and MIN defenses I think.
  9. Rivers, Collins, Murray I assume the Murray/Baldwin league isnt PPR you didn't mention it like you did in the question before. Please help:
  10. Pick 2 of these for my flex spots: Tarik Cohen, Nick Chubb, Marvin Jones Jr, Aaron Jones And I'm starting James White and Conner at my RB spots so if you think any of the guys above are better than White or Conner, I could replace them as well. Will help in return
  11. Agree with dropping Fournette. Tough to do though. I would slightly rank Michel ahead of Fournette but not much I dont think.
  12. Thanks for the input. That makes the most sense but QB's are so valuable with the OP slot and some teams need one so bad I'm having a hard time dropping one. Might put in a low bid and not really care if I lose it. Thanks again
  13. This should be easy but my team is stacked this year. 12 teams. I'm thinking Marvin Jones Jr is the only one whos maybe droppable. Any thoughts? Attached is image of the starting roster positions Roster is: Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton, Russell Wilson, James Conner, James White, Sony Michel, Joe Mixon, Tarik Cohen, Aaron Jones, Nick Chubb, Adam Thielen, Michael Thomas, Tyler Boyd, Marvin Jones Jr, and Jack Doyle and Bear D/ST Only guy worth dropping for Golladay is Jones Jr right?
  14. True, but sometimes people are on these threads thinking their being detectives picking up clues day after day for 9 weeks, when really they just cant see the forest through the trees.
  15. Leveon Bell isn't playing this year, and the steelers arent going to franchise tag him next year. That's whats going to happen. Enjoy James Conner. Bell wont be back this year
  16. What sort of league is Tarik Cohen available in week 6...crazy
  17. Is this just your personal opinion on why he has soft tissue injuries or does he actually have stretching and hydration issues? I'm curious cause that seems ridiculous but who knows lol
  18. lol is this true or are you just saying s---? he weighed 240 at the combine cause of water weight, i'd assume he loves water
  19. And its in the post you're replying to that you seemed to ignore. He's saying pitchers now do travel ball and start throwing 3-5 innings when they're just becoming teen's instead of starting during varsity high school, college etc where your body is more developed.
  20. So do we think Donaldson is an everyday starter or do we even know if he's coming back soon?