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  1. i love how many people have wasted so, so much time saying the same thing over and over and over,


    Unless you're in like a 200+ dollar buy in and are *still* at this point competitive expecting him to come back and be a serious value/force....what the **ck is you concern?



    Sincerely,  James Conner owner

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  2. Just now, Gohawks said:

    I mentioned I don’t care about the result since I don’t own him. 


    Bell nor his camp has said anything until this point. So ESPNs sources are people speculating that happen to be in or close to the organization. The issue is that they are presenting this as fact thus making it clickbait.

    lol yes, reports = clickbait


    your truth is not THE truth

  3. 1 minute ago, Brotherbock said:



    Well, that is what the front page of RW is saying Mike Florio is speculating about. So if a website reporting on a guy speculating on something is a key clue, then we have a key clue. If not, we have speculation.


    True, but sometimes people are on these threads thinking their being detectives picking up clues day after day for 9 weeks, when really they just cant see the forest through the trees.

  4. 1 minute ago, Dr. Whom said:

    That was all junk food...I don’t know dude. Someone said he was a world class athlete and my rebuttal is he is not since he was not prepared physically for the game. Tackled and hurt is one thing...weak hamstring from not stretching/hydration is 100% the fault of the player


    Is this just your personal opinion on why he has soft tissue injuries or does he actually have stretching and hydration issues? I'm curious cause that seems ridiculous but who knows lol

  5. 1 hour ago, secretagentman said:

    Over use or coddling?  Used to be pitchers would throw 250-300 IPs a year in the 60's and 70's.  Now they have to be brought up to handle 170 let alone 200+.  Obviously over use is not a good thing, but not building up stamina and strength and arm conditioning because of pitch counts and babying top prospects is imo having negative effects as well, esp. when you factor in today's obsession with fastball velocity.  I dare say someone like Jamie Moyer would not even get a try out these days.  I do not know the answer to all this, but obviously too many guys are getting injuries despite all the attempts to prevent them that something is not being done right imo.

    And its in the post you're replying to that you seemed to ignore. He's saying pitchers now do travel ball and start throwing 3-5 innings when they're just becoming teen's instead of starting during varsity high school, college etc where your body is more developed.

  6. 7 minutes ago, metropolitans said:

    He's on fire right now! Batting average finally creeping up over .200, I've made the comparison before this season but he's "kind of" like a Bryce Harper-lite, minus the BA. But his overall statline is only about .030 pts away from being the same as Bryces, more HRs but less Rs and SBs... 


    Crude comparisons aside, he's EXACTLY what we thought he'd be, mucho power with a .200 BA... & he's redhot right now, ride em while u can!

    In OBP and SLG leagues instead of AVG like I'm in, I have always considered Gallo a stud and a steal. Got him for $12 dollars in a 14 team big money auction draft cause people get scared. You'd think everyone would know better by now.

  7. Kris Bryant or Jesus Aguilar ROS? they would be in my 1/3B slot so position doesn't matter too much, wondering which one to include in a trade first. Bryant's shoulder is starting to scare me more than Aguilar's lack of track record. OBP SLG league, not AVG


    EDIT TO ADD: Re-Draft league no keepers