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  1. Round 3 - same order, not sure if any trades need to be reflected: 1- Joiquing Off - Chase Claypool, WR PIT 2- DerrickHenry'sCleats OTC @DerrickHenrysCleats 3- Houston Targaryens 4- The Haskins Experiment 5- Unemployed Sofa Kings6- $1000 Bounty7- The Decimators8- IronCocks9- Wood Dale Bandits10- Tom With The Weather11- El Iguanodon12- Back 2 Back!!!!
  2. damn I just got sniped - I believe it’s the same and I’m up
  3. Zack Moss @DerrickHenrysCleats I believe you’re OTC
  4. sorry here fellas gimme a couple minutes and I’ll have a pick in
  5. Clyde Edwards-Helaire @DerrickHenrysCleats OTC
  6. My bad - thought I was getting email updates but I wasn’t. Give me 5 mins
  7. dudes been so up and down this year, I have zero confidence week to week looking at his name in my lineup. This is probably as must start as it gets and if he ***** the bed again I’ll be booting him to the wire myself for Darnold or someone else that’s not Goff. will gladly retract that statement if he has a stellar game but I thought I was getting a draft day steal and he’s been a headache all season.
  8. I’m fading for Hollywood in one league where I have depth and starting in another where everyone is banged up and I have no ability to sit him. Not feeling too confident about the start, but we’ll see.
  9. Started Marquise Brown over Phillip Lindsay - not that Lindsay is blowing up but 13 points is looking waaaay nicer than a donut
  10. He’s going to be a GTD- with him practicing this week, he should be ok but now I’m worried it might be a decoy situation if he really is feeling gimpy and it’d be better off plugging someone else ( a John Brown or Deebo type) in. Hopefully there’s some more clarity before kickoff - from what I’ve read though, he seems fine.
  11. If Shady’s out ya gotta start him, no? Baltimore D or not...someone’s gotta run the ball.
  12. I mean, I hope so - appealing schedule, high octane offense...all the pieces are there. I need an upside play and just feel the floor with him *could* be really low as opposed to taking a shot on a streamer. Hopefully I’m proven wrong and he balls out.
  13. You do what works for you man, end of the day we’re all trying to make the best judgement calls based on the information out there. I’m a believer in Goff, just want to see another consistent week out of him before he’s a set and forget for me. Best of luck starting him, we’ll see what happens on Sunday.
  14. Im fading as well for Jimmy G - I think Goff’s going to turn it around (hopefully) but I need an upside play this week and think Jimmy’s shaking the rust off against a struggling Pitt team and can find his groove. I like FP to get a good idea of what the aggregate opinion / rankings and sometimes they hit, sometimes they don’t. Over the years, I’ve gotten way better insight from these forums. I could be completely wrong with the fade though but end of the day gotta roll with your gut - we’ll see.