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  1. Going to have to pay close attention during the offseason. Won't at all be surprised if Steelers target RB in the draft, and if it's a high draft pick I'd pay real close attention to pre-season. That being said, I'd bet you'd see at least one more season with Conner being the lead back, but we'll see.
  2. Wish I knew Slay was out this week. Ended up losing because I started MVS over this guy. Looks like Trubisky is working on silencing the haters this year. If he can keep it up then Allen Robinson has arrived.
  3. Who exactly were people sitting this guy for? You ride or die with your first round pick, especially if it's a RB.
  4. Dropped him in the league I had him... then picked him up for the New England game. Dude balls out against New England. But I wouldn't expect this kind of game every week, especially with this schedule. Definitely use caution going forward, pay close attention to the matchups. Main thing that's encouraging is his target share, which is still among the best in the league. Gives him a very safe floor.
  5. Bye weeks happen. You're right on the money. Jacksonville looking to rebound and save their season... this is the Colts we're talking about, they're not an unstoppable force. It's easy to be excited by Marlon Mack, I'm a share holder in a couple of leagues. But seems like people are overlooking the fact that he blew up against Buffalo and Oakland... does anyone truly think that Mack is going to finish the year with 6.19 yards per carry.
  6. Arizona is terrible so don't expect miracles. But DJ was lined up more at wideout than previously. Otherwise it was more of the same tbh. You're banking on the bye week changing that so they had more time to implement some changes.
  7. For those that didn't watch the game, script was weird in this one. Basically 49ers lit it up through the air mostly first half. Then just ground and pounded it the entire second half to kill clock. Oakland literally couldnt move the ball outside 2 drives, which ended in a field goal and a missed field goal. Breida would've made people happy tonight if Mostert didn't get every other set of downs. Mostert definitely looked explosive tonight. Breida had an extra 12 yard carry that got called back on a penalty just to nail it it, that was last we saw of him. Morris was in final two drives. Better days ahead, but I'm afraid I needed him this week... not later in the season. It's been a tough year for RBs.
  8. choosing between Breida and Richard this week was like eating cyanide or drinking antifreeze.
  9. Lol, I'm a Jags fan. I've seen more awful looking teams play better with Gus Bradley at the helm. Maybe it's a strategy to buy himself some more time, ship off all his good players and buy himself at least 4-5 years before he gets canned.
  10. Well I figured I was going to lose this week regardless... but 5 points from Breida definitely doesn't help.
  11. Well I know Shanahan is a really good coach.... It's unreal the bad luck he's had in San Fran.
  12. Definitely a steer clear for me... but I think McKinnon is by far the best RB on the roster... but it seems like every RB on their team is injured so who knows what will happen next year.
  13. Yeah I saw it after I posted that. Looks season ending. But maybe it's only ligament damage? I dunno, definitely bad.