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  1. In the running for top bust in the draft this year. Last year was a mirage. He’s not top 5 next year
  2. With Gase as his coach Bell will never be more than a fringe starter
  3. Gase is the most incompetent coach I’ve ever seen
  4. The Jets are such a joke. Good luck trading him😂
  5. Jacobs is going to be one of those guys that always has nagging injuries apparently
  6. You do realize he can walk around fine and still have multi-week absence right?
  7. What’s wrong is Rivers and the O-line are terrible
  8. The last two weeks have to be a combination of the injury and being sick. The Raiders can't be this incompetent. Especially with check-down Carr. The lack of work is ridiculous
  9. Michel is such a wasted draft pick. That's what I get for listening to "experts"