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  1. Thanks I’ll check it out, I did heavy research though.. wish I had a friend at the game to facetime lol
  2. Smh had to take him out because I couldnt afford a 0 game.
  3. Brees with 50 and Koo with 18 man.... smh
  4. 8-7-3-2-1 2 threes 2 turnovers 23 minutes Str8 hustlin
  5. Lots of risk since Gentry loves to change rotations and Zion will probably cut his minutes in the future, but that being said Kenrich is a perfect glue guy in real life and actually translate well in fantasy with stocks + some boards and a couple dimes if given 20-25+ minutes. Kinda like a PJ Tucker. if only hustle was a fantasy category then Kenny would be up there.
  6. Agreed Pop has a great way of making players play as hard possible for their minutes. If Murray + White are still balling Like this by the time Murrays minutes cap ends I believe White will play with Murray alot more.
  7. Lost by 6 because Bell and Nugent couldn’t get a combined 20. Even more painful knowing pats deciding to punt on MULTIPLE potential 40+ yarders.
  8. I have Bell, Henry, and Founette at RB and am stuck with Cook at TE. Offered a straight swap for OJ Howard hoping this is a buy low. This a smart deal?
  9. Russ got me within 0.16, my mike williams vs his ekeler. Cmon mike will!!
  10. McNeil leaves game... FFS ive lost Yonny, Glasnow, Snell, Gary, Hicks, Yandy dont u do this to me