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  1. We are in our 6th year of a 30 team dynasty league - 6x6 roto regular season w/ H2H playoff format. We are kick starting our offseason today with our Future Year Player Draft and have 2 teams that need to be filled (drafting 12 & 13). League is Free (fantrax is paid for). Team 1 - very young, lots of cap space to work with. A good retooling GM can have them competitive in a year. key players/prospects - Realmuto, LeMahieu, Andujar, Newcomb, Eickoff, Thiass, Alonso, Lambert Team 2 - More of your classic rebuild, lots of players on 1 year contracts and will have tons of cap next year, still has an impactful amount of $$ this season. Minors not very deep. key players/prospects: Candelario, Castro, Mx Smith, Av Garcia, Wheeler, Flaherty, R Lopez, Arroyo, N Velazquez If interested in either team or for more details, please email me: jeharshbarger1988@yahoo.com. Looking for active and passionate GMs and our offseason is up and running now!!
  2. bump. Last team was filled to have one more owner drop. Available team here: http://ruthianrotobaseball.proboards.com/thread/4897/2019-available-teams?page=1&scrollTo=14987 Free Roto league, 30 team dynasty. Our rule 4 draft is about to start so our offseason is about to get busy! If you're interested you can e mail me jeharshbarger1988 at yahoo
  3. 30 team Roto w/ H2H playoffs looking for 2 active owners for vacant teams. One team is in the middle of a direction, but has young MLB players on it to build around if chose. Other team is towards the end of a rebuild, both with cap space before our FA period comes about.If interested or have questions, please email me at jeharshbarger1988@yahoo.com.To visit the team pages for the available teams, go here:http://ruthianrotobaseball.proboards.com/thread/4897/2019-available-teamsEnjoy your leftovers!!
  4. 30 team dynasty league needs owners. 5 teams are available, w/ both rebuild projects and playoff teams open. Whatever kind of project you are looking for, we have a tea that fits what you want. 6x6 Roto scoring (H2H playoffs) FREE 2- 15 team divisions - 6 playoff teams from each pretty standard scoring categories salary, rule 4 draft, free agency http://ruthianrotobaseball.proboards.com/thread/4136/2018-available-teams?page=1&scrollTo=13064 any questions or interest, please email me jeharshbarger1988 at that Y! mail address