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  1. I think Bill would ideally sign Tom to a 1 year deal as a bridge to whoever the future QB is. Tom probably wants a 3 year deal. I think Tom would buckle and sign for two to stay in New England. But will Bill buckle and sign him for 2 ? I think Kraft steps in and they get a two year deal done. That gives the Pats two more drafts to find Brady's successor. Stidham is in the mix but it doesn't feel like the Pats believe it's him.
  2. I disagree here. Sign stealing has been going on since the dawn of baseball. The only difference in this case is 1) the tools being used 2) they were caught on video and 3) we're living in an era of constant feigned outrage backed up by 24/7 media spraying gasoline on it to drive traffic. If someone was caught stealing signs 40+ years ago, I'm guessing someone would have gotten beaned, it would have been noted in a game write up and it would have been forgotten in a week. Connie Mack: “The object is to keep your signals secret so that your opponents won’t get wise to them." Sparky Anderson: “If you can’t hide your signs, you’ve got problems.” Orel Hershiser : “Winning and losing is a cutthroat business, and stealing signs is a fair part of gamesmanship. It’s not cheating.” Stealing signs is a part of the game. If you want to say we're not going to allow some forms of it, then fine. Give them a slap on the wrist and move on. This was done. But let's not act like this is some next level form of cheating that calls for sweeping player bans and major reforms. That is silly and reactionary and does far more damage to baseball than the "crime". It's not even in the same ballpark as players taking money to intentionally lose ! Action item for the league: Start researching and testing digital forms of communication for the catcher and pitcher to signal with. In the mean time, action item for players . Change your signs. Problem solved.
  3. Without a doubt. I don't see any way a guy who is so visibly and publicly mentally ill is signed by an NFL team.
  4. Fade: Altuve - some signs of wear the last year or two and the scandal could hang over his head Villar - his floor in that park/lineup is 1-2 category contributor. Not worth the risk. In leagues that count K's he's a potential anchor. Stanton - Durability questions Judge - Durability questions Strasburg - Durability questions Sale - Durability questions Blackmon - Getting older and could potentially be moved from COL at the break K.Marte - 1 year wonder ? Semien - 1 year wonder ? Verlander - He's gotta get old at some point, right ? Bumgarner - seemed less effective last year and moves from pitchers park to hitters park (5.29 ERA on the road last year) Buy: Devers Flaherty Clevinger G.Torres Albies Meadows Suarez Hiura Bichette Glasnow Berrios Gallen Dahl
  5. https://chicago.suntimes.com/white-sox/2020/1/17/21070686/sign-stealing-jack-mcdowell-tony-larussa-comiskey-park
  6. If you're going to hypothetically shrink Duncan and Hakeem don't you have to hypothetically adjust their skill levels to the size you're shrinking them too ? Or are we just going to be bias against tall players ? And you have to account for the inverse as well. You think if Steph Curry was 7'1 he'd be the same shooter ? You can't have it both ways.
  7. Yeah, but Russell still owned his a** so wouldn't that actually make Russell the GOAT QB ? Things I've learned from reading this thread. Top 3 all time QBs... 1) Bill Russell 2) Will Chamberlain 3) Arod
  8. Is this some kind of satire I'm missing ?He's was just really tall and average. My god. Duncan is probably one of the top 20 players to ever play the game.
  9. He's someone I'd be willing to gamble on later in the draft. Bieber and Clevinger are obviously locked into the rotation. Then it's probably Carrasco, Civale, Plesac and Plutko jockeying for the remaining 3 spots (and prospect Triston Mckenzie probably cracks the rotation at some point in 2020). Plutko is garbage and seems like more of your classic swing man so I would think they'll give Carrasco every opportunity to earn a spot in the rotation. Leukemia is no joke so expectations have to be in check but the talent and track record is something I'd be willing to roll the dice with later in the draft. Definitely someone everyone should be monitoring in spring training to see how this plays out.
  10. Right, because all professional athletes peak when they're 43.
  11. Agreed. You think someone is stealing your signs ? Signal for a changeup and throw a fastball to the ribs. Problem solved. They won't be stealing your signs anymore.
  12. Agree with the above. I use fantasypros as a base set of rankings and export them into excel. Then I modify them based on my own research, league structure, and personal opinions. I wouldn't waste time worrying about who's rankings are better/best. You know your league better than anyone else. Better to go down swinging on your own rankings than looking at someone else's. Edit: Also note most rankings are based off of the classic 5x5 structure. I don't know what other people play but none of my leagues are 5x5 so a lot of the stock rankings aren't great for me personally. Again, you know your league best.
  13. I thought the refs got this one right. 1) The yellow line was off 2) There wasn't really a frame that showed his knee or elbow down before the marker. In the above clip, his knees aren't down. Is an elbow ? I don't know. You can't overturn on that.
  14. Will Albies get better in 2020 ? I think so. I'm excited about Ozzie this year. He had a miserable 6 weeks or so last spring where he seemed to have the yips at the plate and was moved to the 8 hole. That feels like a bit of a learning curve/adjustment period to me. I don't expect to see that kind of sustained struggle from Albies in 2020. Still only 23, Ozzie now has a few years under his belt. The talent and the lineup could be set up for him to have a monster season.