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  1. His own lawyer gave up on him. This guy is done. He has shown no accountability whatsoever. He's either a complete a** hole or has severe CTE or both. No team wants to sign up for that. Not to mention he's 32 and hasn't played in a year. Anyone actually believe he's staying in football shape ?
  2. No we can't. But he was a FA in most leagues. That's not risk. He's probably a 4th or 5th WR for most. Sure he could get hurt or be useless but you can say that about pretty much all the WR on your wire. Give me a guy I can flex with moderate confidence and the pick up is a win. If it doesn't work out I gamble on someone else in the last roster spot. Shallow bench leagues should look elsewhere.
  3. He plays the slot when Julio is in the lineup. I'm not sure if that changes when Julio is out of the lineup. Player profile has his slot snaps at 71.9% which they say is 9th most in the league. Make of that what you will. https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/russell-gage/
  4. He's got good feet and good hands and he'll be OK for fantasy purposes because the Bears have no one else to give the ball. He's just not a starting NFL RB caliber athlete IMO. This will probably be his last year as "the guy" in Chicago. They will draft and or sign somebody. From a real football perspective he is Ideally your backup RB in the mold of a Jamal Williams, not the RB you want to build around IMO.
  5. Need to drop one in a 2PPR league, Gage, Landry, Renfrow. I also own Julio.
  6. Oh yeah, OK thanks. I forgot about the new minimum batters faced rule.
  7. I have it on mute so maybe I missed something but why did they IBB Pinder ?
  8. I think Ryquell or Ozigbo will get a handful of touches when one is healthy. As much as I'd love for Robinson to get max touches all year I don't see them pumping a rookie RB with 20+ touches a game when they have no chance at the playoffs and they have other serviceable options.
  9. I'm in CBS and don't see him as IR eligible.
  10. I still may waste a waiver on him but yeah, I'm having flashbacks of Shane Vereen as a NYG. Flexible when you have bye weeks but he's not gonna be what he was in New England. Gallman will be active and in the mix. Freeman worked out there yesterday too. Meh.
  11. A run first offense and the addition of Hooper is probably going to make for a pretty meh season. I just hope he stays healthy and I get a few good games out of him.
  12. Even if they sign Freeman, I think it will be in a veteran backup role. My guess is that's why they didn't get deal done to begin with. He probably wants to be the guy. He wasn't that good last year and he's had multiple concussions. He's not a bell cow anymore. He should take what he can get.
  13. He's starting in CF tonight. He's started every game but one this month and homered in 2 out of his last 5. He's probably a year away but looks like a nice prospect. HIs profile reminds of what Blake Swithart was suppose to be (good bat and athlete but questionable catcher). Hopefully he pans out though.
  14. Don't sleep on Eno Benjamin. He's billed as a good receiving back will likely have a role if something happens to Drake.
  15. Fantasy football isn't rocket science. Particularly with as many resources that are available today. If you can't draft a good football team with beers in you, you're either terrible at fantasy football or terrible at drinking.