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  1. Is that a thing ? Have players had their snaps reduced returning from the COVID list ? It doesn't sound like he even tested positive. He had to quarantine because his girlfriend did.
  2. This is the problem and why I dropped him. For every good game, he gives you nothing for 3. Burkhead hurt probably help him a tad. But he's still too risky to start in most leagues IMO. He's gonna produce his floor which is next to nothing far more often than his ceiling.
  3. Turns out Kendall Hinton did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night
  4. Good to see Landry go off. Had to start him with Julio out.
  5. To give a defense different looks. They're not gonna throw so have to think they're gonna get as creative/diverse as possible with the running game.
  6. Yes. Hinton is going to have a limited playbook so it makes sense they'd supplement him with some Freeman out of wildcat. I think they'll mix and match and roll with whatever works.
  7. This. There's no sense in comparing him to Hill. Hill has been practicing at QB in the same system for 3-4 years and has been getting live reps in games. Hinson has been practicing at QB for days and hasn't played in a live game in a year. Sure there's some upside. He could pop off a TD run or hit on a shovel/screen. But the most likely scenario is it's gonna be ugly. I think you have to bake in at least a couple turnovers to whatever stats you get from him. FWIW Vegas has the line at -15.5 O/U 36. So that's something like a 26-10 game.
  8. It's not based on anything other than I don't think he's a notable talent and situations like that tend to become RBBC. Ito will be active and has been serviceable in stretches so will probably get sprinkled in. Qadree is a big back and got some goaline work last year. Have to think there's a reasonable chance he gets work there. I just don't think Hill is the kind of talent they're going to hand the full backfield over too. Just my opinion. I still picked him up.
  9. My guess is that it's a 3 way committee between Hill, Ito and Ollison. Hill has to be the favorite for most touches but won't be surprised if they "ride the hot hand".
  10. I feel like he's a boring 5-50 every week. I wonder the if the hip surgery impacted his athleticism. Something seems like it's missing.
  11. As an owner I hope he's healthy and plays but it's criminal for the Falcons to send him out there in a lost season given the way his hammy has been this year. It's clearly not something he can just push through and it's only going to get worse each time he re-aggravates it. Sit him a couple weeks. Make sure he can practice in full with no set backs. If he can do that then play him. If not, pack it in.
  12. As a Julio owner I picked him up today. But the two games Julio sat Gage was 2-26 and 2-16 so my expectations are in check if I need him. Zaccheaus is probably just as good a bet.
  13. When you're 25 and have hamstring issues you can shake it in a couple weeks. When you're 31 not so much.