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  1. I am not going to lie, I cried my eyes out. I have no idea why this is so emotional for me. I grew up in Chicago, so you already k ow who I think the best is. I cheered on the Chris Weber Kings when they played the Lakers because I did not want Kobe to succeed like MJ did. I thought he was cocky in every way. Of course when there was rumors about him going to Chicago, it brought a smile to my face. Kobe was that player that you rooted against but you had to admire his game. But losing an icon like this is devastating. I am 41 years old and I am a father. I lost my father's years ago. And since the news broke on Sunday, I have been crying off on on. This really home. I hugged my family cause they are the world to me. I can't even relate on how the Bryant family and even the rest of the families that lost their loved ones are taking this. I would have to be on suicide watch if this happened to me. I am lucky to see so many greats play this game. And whether you cheered for Kobe or not, you had to admire him and he definitely touched our hearts. RIP to all.
  2. I picked him up in a few leagues myself. But I expect what happens every year when there is opportunity for Boban. Great for a few games if that and then everything comes to a halt.
  3. We have all jumped on this train before and it always crashes. He does play on an off day this week so he might a streamer. If he does on anything on Thursday, don't expect it to last. Yes, he could put up double doubles in 20 minutes of playing time. He will only play 20 min if that. I fully expect the Mavericks to bring in a center. Alex Len, Dedmon, someone of that caliber. As of now the Mavs may have no choice to play Boban for 15 min a game. Kleber is the pick up, but he is boring imo. Pick up at your own risk, but don't be bummed if you drop him after 2 games.
  4. Vucevic is better. I would see if you could get 1 more player with Ayton
  5. Here's the thing, I'm the Commish and I don't like vetoing trades unless there is collusion. The man has a ton of injuries. He has made trades already with other teams. I will feel guilty taking this trade because it is lopsided. But I did let the other teams trade him as well and I didn't say anything. He sent the trade to me. I wasn't even looking to trade.
  6. Also, it can be vetoed. Commish has a right to disallow the trade if there is collusion.
  7. Yes he did. This guy has a ton of injuries. So he is trying to get healthy. He just sold Westbrook for Dinwiddie and Lou Williams
  8. 10 TM, 15man roster, h2h, 11categories, std9 + free throws made and double doubles I get PG13 and he gets Ball and Washington My team as it stands PG- Trae Young, Lowry, CP3, Ball, Fultz, Napier SG- Lee SF- Marcus Morris, PJ Washington PF- Aldrige, Doumbouya C- KAT, Vuc, Favors, M.Gasol What's your thoughts? WHIR as always. Leave a link.
  9. Traded Blake over the weekend. Now it's time to trade Draymond. Hopefully he can string along some good games and then I can move him.