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  1. Out in Yahoo is different from ESPN. If your Out in ESPN you can go in your IR spot. Out in Yahoo just means day to day. You need the injured tag for that player to go in your IR.
  2. Another guy who my thrive better in the second unit. Hopefully he keeps it up.
  3. Draymond played today. Took all his assist away. Plus, he sucks.
  4. Looking good out there. Look like he may thrive in that bench role. I don't expect it to last, but if you have dead weight, I would take a flier on him. Anyone know what the Heats fantasy P.O. schedule is?
  5. Hey everyone, make sure you count up your assist, points, rebounds, etc. It seems that ESPN is not adding everything up this week. They are showing stats of Beasley game on Saturday but have not actually counted them against my opponent. Same with Napier stats. They are not even showing Hernangomez stats. Big fat zero across the board. Make sure this is not happening to you.
  6. His minutes will go up. Playing 28 minutes rather than 14 will make him very fantasy friendly. He was already putting up numbers in limited minutes.
  7. Not going to happen, but good to see the Knicks looking to see what options maybe available.
  8. Maybe, but was that his fault or the Knicks fault? At the time he was just doing his job.
  9. Well he's well respected man. No NBA experience besides being an agent for a lot of top players. But he can hire a lot of well NBA experienced people to get him started. As a Bulls fan, I would welcome him with open arms.
  10. Wait first. He seems to have a path to minutes if Gallo gets traded. He may get blocked again depending what comes back.