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  1. I misread, I apologize. If you could get A Rob then do it. I doubt it but may be worth the shot
  2. Dynasty then yes. Redraft I would not. Carson could be back in 2 weeks
  3. I like option B. But ai think you can get more for Lamar
  4. You can try, but I doubt he gives you Kamara. He may give Robinson.
  5. Graham. Remember, Kroft had a big game against the Rams as well as Kittle
  6. 14 TM 1.PPR I am 2-5. Putting up points but teams are just doing better. QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE 2 FLEX DST K I trade away J.Allen, C.Kirk & L.Shenault I get C. Newton and Keenan Allen My team QB J.Allen B.ROETHLISBERGER (4pt TD pass) RB J.Robinson, A.Gibson, J.Mixon(IR), J.White, J.Hasty, C.Akers AJ Dillon WR D.Adams, R.Woods, B.Cooks C.Kirk, L.Shenault G.Davis, J. Reagor (IR) TE Tonyan DST Rams/Bills K Lutz Couple of notes I can only roster a max 6 RBs and 6 WRs Its a 4pt TD pass so Allen does tend to run in a TD which I would lose but I get Cam who does the same. The guy I would trade with plays me next week (week 8.) In week 8 I have JRob, Gibson, Cooks, Kirk & Shenault all on bye. I will most likely drop G.Davis for a ww pick if I can. But there is not much out there due to this being an 14 team 19 round league. So would you do this trade? Leave a link?
  7. Do you guys still think he plays with the rape case still going on? They had to postpone it because of Covid. Just wondering if the NFL would still want to wait to hear the verdict.
  8. I agree. I got Reagor as well and we play 3 WR. I already lost Sutton and A.Miller turned out to be a bust so this was a big gain for me. He won't put up these numbers every week, but I'm comfortable starting him.
  9. Same and it was in a 16 team league on top of that. However, I did not take him out of the IR yet.
  10. So I thought about Perine and he looked good in camp but the Jets just claimed Ty Johnson of waivers. I'm not saying he is better but it's Gase so who knows. Moss should be owned is many leagues so yes he is more than a speculative add. Maybe Jeremy McNichols in case something happens to D.Henry. I've been thinking this as well. However Gurley has been a top 10 back through 5 weeks in .5 PPR. Also, he has played in 65 of his last 69 games. TBH, Gurley has held up well. He could just get hurt as much as the next RB. It's a guessing game.
  11. Do the tradeif you have a winning record
  12. I actually would do this trade. You would have to worry about Sanders getting hurt, but your team is rock solid. Pull the trigger.
  13. I 2nd this. Gaskin for sure. Reason being because Miami may be up big and they may just run the ball. And Anderson has been amazing even against tougher defenses.