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  1. Thought he was practicing. That info makes him worth the risk. No one knows for sure though
  2. Definitely Hollister since Wilson will be throwing it to him. Could be shorter pass game vs. Eagles too
  3. Team 1: Trade away Odell, Aaron Rodgers, 5th rounder next yr Team 2: Trade away Tyreek Hill, Stirling Shepard, 1st rounder next yr
  4. Sorry wow totally read it wrong. In that case I'd honestly get Thomas. He's in a high fire power offense.
  5. Manning since he's trying to play another game
  6. I'm not sure about Mack. I have him and doubting starting him against a shutdown Titans D. I'd go with Cohen and Hilton
  7. F no. OBJ + Lindsay has more value than 1 Elliot
  8. That, my friend, would be trade rape for your opponent if you get Chubb and Mike Thomas