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  1. Isn't it a little odd that he traveled with the team last week and was supposedly a GDT, but now this is looking like a multi-week injury?
  2. No one really knows the answer. You'd be right to be worried. Typically, I'd use this first week to gauge a guy's role and how he's responding to recovery. I'd only start him you really have no other options.
  3. It really depends on how well it's kept contained to those 8 players.
  4. Generally, we don't get injury status updates until teams practice, which is normally Wednesday, so we should get some more info today.
  5. I don't see how it's great for him. The lack of a downfield threat makes them one dimensional and consequently limits Wentz's upside. Also, while Jackson is injury prone at this point in his career, he actually looked pretty good out there until Madre Harper broke his ankle with a cheap shot. This wasn't the typical soft-tissue situation that has hampered him. The good news is Reagor should be back after the bye, so they'll hopefully be able to stretch the field again, which should theoretically open things up underneath, giving Wentz more passing outlets.
  6. He's playing much better, but the offensive line is going to continue to be an issue that will, unfortunately, cap his ceiling. As long as he keeps playing with confidence and using his legs to avoid the rush and get the ball out of his hands, the impact should be reduced. Hopefully the rush yards keep coming. They're not usually going to be comfortably ahead in their games, so he will be throwing at a high clip the rest of the season. As long as he stays healthy, we should benefit. QB5 overall is not out of the realm of possibility.
  7. There isn't another receiver even in the same universe as Hopkins.
  8. Yes, the back half of his schedule is where his best matchups are.
  9. Yes, but the dislocation is a compounding factor. Dislocated bones often come with some level of soft-tissue damage in the surrounding area.
  10. Rice and MT played in completely different eras. DBs were actually allowed to get physical with WRs and guys got regularly destroyed "going over the middle" as we used to say. Now you can hardly breathe on them without the flag being thrown. I'm not saying MT is not great, but comparing WR stats in a vacuum between guys who played 30-40 years apart doesn't really paint the full picture. Of course, in terms of fantasy, a point is a point.
  11. I can't remember an elite WR ever truly regaining their form in the middle of the season with a high-ankle sprain. There's not enough time in the season for that kind of injury to fully heal. Good luck, though.