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  1. Henry is a throwback to a different era of heavy formations and downhill runners who used size and strength to punish defenders and impose their will. He's a rare breed of RB in today's NFL, where guys rely more on speed and quickness and who are comparatively lighter and slighter of build. He's pretty fast, too, so he could be the most complete player at the position that we've seen in awhile, more of a classic tailback. With NFL defenses designed to matchup with spread offenses and shut down speedy receivers and shifty ballcarriers in high-volume passing attacks, having a physical beast like Henry is a major advantage against smaller linebackers and safeties. I've been saying for a little while now, I thinkwe're going to witness a renaissance of smashmouth football in the coming years as teams look to counter smaller defensive units that are vulnerable to big linemen and power runners. It's refreshing to watch as a true football fan.
  2. Stopped reading right there. It's not very simple, and you're very wrong.
  3. Well, Wentz certainly isn't the reason I'm out of it. If I had gotten anything out of RB this week, he would've been my Monday night savior. Good luck to all who are still in the mix.
  4. I could pick up Powell, but I think I'm just gonna wait and see and play Washington if Jacobs is out. It'd really suck to bench him and watch him have a decent game.
  5. ARob is most definitely BEAST. Just like at PSU. He's just so good at positioning himself and using his body/hands to fight for balls. To think I drafted this guy as my WR3. It's a big reason why I'm here.
  6. ARob is most definitely BEAST. Just like at PSU. He's just so good at positioning himself and using his body/hands to fight for balls.
  7. Hey, it's the playoffs. I'll find any reason I can to be nervous 😂
  8. With those words, you've now cursed him for all of us.
  9. Point to ponder: if you made it to playoffs carrying around Beckham as dead weight all season, but he goes off this week for 25-30 points and singlehandedly gets you out of the first round, did the pick pay off?
  10. I'm riding it out. I'm strong at the position overall and really don't have anyone on the bench who's clearly better. With that said, the matchup this week makes this an easy decision. Should I last another week, I'll have to seriously consider if I'll play him vs. Baltimore.
  11. I'm playing the guy with Evans this week. This will be interesting...
  12. Having done absolutely no analysis on this matchup, I just want to say that my gut tells me it's Waller's time to rebound this week, just in time to get us some big wins!