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  1. I face the same issue unfortunately and Mahomes didn't do anything this week so I am definitely in the hole now. I would definitely swap Thomas for Brate but other than that it's just hope and pray.
  2. I own DEN and NO defenses, but am considering dropping one of them and grabbing ATL to stream this week. Thoughts?
  3. Not feeling so good about rolling Newton out there injured again, so weighing my other options in Prescott or Carr. Prescott has looked really good ever since the Amari trade, while Carr is facing a terrible Cincy D which should be a shootout of a game. Which one leads me to the fantasy 'ship!?
  4. My terrible team in my 16 team dynasty, superflex is below. I have a proposed offer to acquire Devontae Freeman for Cohen/Conner which I'm too keen on doing. Can I have some advice on what QB(s) to acquire considering my only starter Aaron Rodgers is going to be playing one leg and I have no one else. What players and picks would you give up if you were me? I have two 2019 1/2/3 round picks to play with. PLAYER YTD PTS BYE Hundley, Brett SEA QB ‐ 7 McGough, Alex FA QB (R) ‐ - Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB (Q) 28.938 7 Blount, LeGarrette DET RB (Q) -0.300 6 Cohen, Tarik CHI RB 8.585 5 Conner, James PIT RB 34.200 7 Gordon, Melvin LAC RB 27.600 8 Henry, Derrick TEN RB 4.100 8 Smallwood, Wendell PHI RB 0.000 9 Walton, Mark CIN RB (R) ‐ 9 Brown, Antonio PIT WR 24.300 7 Brown, John BAL WR 13.500 10 Bryant, Martavis OAK WR ‐ 7 Darboh, Amara FA WR (Q) ‐ - Gordon, Josh CLE WR 8.700 11 James, Richie SFO WR (R) ‐ 11 Moore, David SEA WR 0.000 7 Tate, Auden CIN WR (R) ‐ 9 Zylstra, Brandon MIN WR (R) 0.000 10 Goedert, Dallas PHI TE (R) 1.400 9 Hurst, Hayden BAL TE (R) (O) ‐ 10 Olsen, Greg CAR TE (O) 5.300 4 Broncos, Denver DEN Def 13.297 10 23 TOTAL PLAYERS
  5. 16 team dynasty superflex on MFL Roster: QB: Rodgers, Hundley, McGough RB: M. Gordon, Blount, Henry, Conner, Cohen, Smallwood, Walton WR: AB, J Gordon, J Brown, M. Bryant, Darboh, Richie James, Auden Tate, Brandon Zylstra, David Moore TE: Olsen, Goedert, Hurst DE: DEN The following two trades were sent to me: Fat Rob, AP, 2019 Rd 3 / Rd 4 for Conner Foles for Conner / 2019 2nd rd I definitely need another QB but really don't want Foles nor do I think that trade is fair. Given my current roster would you decline both of these trades and try to acquire a better QB?
  6. 16 team, Dynasty Startup (PPR/Superflex) Roster: QB: Rodgers, Hundley, McGough RB: Gordon, Blount, Henry, Cohen, Conner, Smallwood, Walton WR: AB, J. Brown, J. Gordon, Tate, Zylstra, Richie James, M. Bryant, Darboh TE: Olsen, Goedert, Hurst D: Broncos During the auction draft, I traded away DJ Moore for 2019 1st/2nd & 2020 2nd. Felt this was great value for him. I just received a trade for my 2019 1st/2nd with the league member wanting to send me Anthony Miller. I like what I've been hearing about this kid but not sure if this is worth it. He would seem to bolster my receiving corp, however right now my main issue is QB given this is a superflex league and I only have 1 starting QB. Who would you try to target given my situation? Thanks.
  7. He actually chose gurley and is now trying to make the same trade. If I make it, I'd be looking at Gurley and OBJ or Hopkins to build my team around. I was kind of hoping for Zeke and OBJ but thats not an option anymore.
  8. 10 team, MFL, 1/2 ppr, dynasty startup Draft just started and I have pick 1.03. 1.01 was Barkley. Guy with pick 1.02 just proposed the following trade to me. I Get: pick 1.02, 20.02 I Give Up: 2.08, 4.08, 2019 1st round pick Do you think having 2 of the first 3 picks in this start up draft outweighs what I'll lose in the other rounds and rookie draft next year?
  9. I also have a proposed trade of acquiring 2019 1st & 2nd round picks and 2020 2nd rd pick for DJ Moore.
  10. Roster: QB: Rodgers, Hundley, McGough RB: M Gordon, Cohen, Henry, Blount, Conner, Smallwood, Walton WR: AB, J Gordon, M Bryant, John Brown, DJ Moore, David Moore, Darboh, Richie James, Auden Tate, Zylstra TE: Olsen, Hurst, Goedert D: Den
  11. In my 16 team superflex dynasty, im trying to get Tyreek Hill. Does the following offer make sense? I give: DJ Moore, Dallas Goedert, and 2019 rd 1 pick I get: Tyreek Hill and 2020 3 or 4th rd pick Should I make this deal?