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  1. still annoyed my roster in a 12 team league of QB - Winston WR - Godwin, Julio RB - Zeke, Sanders TE - Ertz/Waller Flex- DJ Moore K - Butker DST - Pitt missed the playoffs. most points in the league and of course 2nd most points against. meanwhile, a team that scored nearly 300 points less than me is going
  2. I’ll slot DJ Moore from flex to WR. I need a new flex now. I have Waller and McLaurin on the bench or I could pickup Gage and play him tonight?
  3. Been pretty much streaming QBs for the last couple of weeks after the Stafford injury. My plan was also to grab Foles this week because of the matchup (TB), but Winston was dropped Saturday, so he's available. I'm 6-6 and am pretty much in a must win to make the playoffs. Winston seems like the grab but he scares the hell out of me because you never know which version you're going to get and I can't afford a bad game here. Foles has the better matchup and probably a safer play, but he hasn't looked all that great since his return and I feel he could be benched for Minshew if he struggles.
  4. I think I'd pass because I think Wentz is going to have some nice games down the stretch and I don't like losing the RB depth, but it's super close.
  5. PPR im starting Ertz at TE this week along with Samuels at RB2 here are my flex options Miles Sanders (if Howard is out) Jordan Wilkins - probably safer to wait and see how that backfield unfolds Darren Waller DJ Moore Currently have Moore in
  6. PPR Waller vs Cincy or Ertz vs NE Waller has the better matchup but just feel like he isn't the guy in the passing game anymore with the emergence of others, while Ertz is the guy with Alshon and Howard likely out Then I have McKissic vs Dal or Sanders vs NE Even is Ty Johnson plays, McKissic will definitely have a role in the offense and again, a much better matchup than Sanders
  7. Don't have Freeman, but if I got him he'd probably start over Howard for me this week in a game I must win.
  8. How much should I bid on Hill? I have $26 of the 100 left on the season. Right now Howard and Zeke are my starters going forward. Is he the guy to spend it all on?
  9. Traded Aaron Jones and Parker for Julio and M Sanders on Saturday Kinda regretting it now, glad I got that 3 TD game from Jones Sunday before it goes through My reasoning was I really like Howard ROS with his schedule and Jones is living off TD and receptions, and I just don't know how much that can continue with Adams back, because Williams isn't going away. Roster is now (PPR) QB - Stafford WR - Julio WR - Godwin RB - Zeke RB - Howard TE - Waller/Ertz Flex - Moore K - Butker DST - Pit Bench - McLaurin, Pollard, McKissic, Sanders, D Jones Gonna have to play QB Russian roulette ROS with Stafford's status
  10. absolutely, don't trust Goff ROS and you won't miss those guys
  11. maybe made a mistake, but just traded A Jones for J Jones Howard is now my RB2 the rest of the season after his bye and I have Sanders for the handcuff. I don't actually hate having him there, but I'd like to try to get another option I sent the James Conner owner an offer this morning with no reply yet and the deadline to complete a trade is midnight, so think that possibility is dead Now I'm thinking about offering Waller for Montgomery straight up or Mixon+Kirk I may be giving up tad more value with Waller, but I figure it's worth it since I have Ertz, right?