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  1. I do not think that is genius as it does not indemnify them at all. Maybe in the court of public opinion but that is about it. But here is where we are on the matter regardless of how much @ThreadKiller attempts to bog down the discussion: The New England Patriots have admitted that: 1. The Patriots failed to inform the Bengals and the League 2. The film crew inappropriately filmed the field from the press box My advice is instead of allowing a Pats fan to misdirect the discussion just stick to those 2 points. They admitted they broke a rule and the film crew broke a rule. Now watch a recreation of Mission Impossible's exploding transmission and disavowing of any involvement.
  2. 1. The Pats admitted the crew did something wrong. 2. The Pats put so much distance between themselves and the crew you would believe the crew were from another planet. I read almost all your posts and I get you are going to wait until something concrete comes out but given you are a Pats fan I wonder what you would consider concrete.
  3. Hoping for another 20+ point game from him next week. Playing at home vs an easy run Def.
  4. Reason to play Diggs Detroit is bad vs pass. 143 yards @ Detroit earlier this year. Thielen got knocked out of that same Det contest early. Playing better @ Home.
  5. He has 5 missed FGs for the year and 3 of those were from 50+ with 1 being 60. The Leg is 12-15 for the year.
  6. I considered that possibility as his advice was invaluable. But to be fair to the RW community my results dramatically before I heard of AE.
  7. After dominating prior regular seasons in my league as an avid RW follower I am now 0-3 and projected to lose again. What should I do?
  8. The reality of owning Philip Rivers He works perfectly in a zero QB draft strategy He plays well at home He will give you some poor games when you least expect it (Home vs CIN Week 14 2018) So he is who he is. This is my second straight year drafting him as I draft QBs low. If Keenan Allen & Hunter Henry can stay healthy and Mike Williams continues to improve then he will be a practical pick.
  9. I need Carson to score no more than Thielen. So let us hope they both get 0 and we are all happy.
  10. I wonder how many teams lost despite starting Henry.
  11. I suspect if you were challenged on your points you would not be able to back them up. Let us look at the players currently above Ingram: 25. Mark Ingram - 19/4/8/1/21/22/6/2 24. Tevin Coleman - 2/9/14/26/5/7/7/0 23. Lamar Miller - 4/6/16/19/4/10/22/11 22. Tarik Cohen - 16/13/17/0/9/2/11/22 21. Chris Carson - 12/5/17/4/0/12/11/9 20. Kerryon Johnson - 10/11/8/17/8/3/18/15 (I omitted his last two zeroes) Of course these are players above him who over their season have more points. There is a level where you will not get consistency. But just so you see Ingram has bigger games (22/21/19) than others around him. Some people will argue they rather have a match winner instead of Chris Carson (who is more consistent).