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  1. in that spot the back has to block...yeah a screen is an idea but its cover 0...there will be a man assigned to him so that wont work in that spot...honestly i would forget this game... they will get this worked out....zeke is the dallas offense but when they are down like yesterday its going to be tough to keep him going
  2. they were sending 8 guys at the dude....at the end of the game it made no sense to run the ball with zeke because the passing game with dalton needs reps...i knew they were guna pass there....sucks for us but they gotta work the kinks out
  3. That was my fear...they have been very quiet on what his injury has been...yes we kno something to do with an ankle but most teams give you a timetable and if its a low or high sprain....they reported yesterday they left him inactive so he would be 100% but i have no idea what that means with regard to his ability to play this week... i never doubted rojo as a player...i drafted him higher than where he should have gone before the LF signing...god i wish jax would have kept LF...i will say it seems people are less concerned about LF right now so to me if you have the rb depth you should strongly consider making a move or at least test the waters
  4. yup...exactly what i was thinking...may have to make a move at some point
  5. he has only had 1 good game and 1 great game...he really is hurting me so far this year...i hope things turn around...
  6. Well you get what i mean...good luck to all rojo owners
  7. Thats not the impression i got from the game logs when they both played...small sample size but fournette played more than i was comfortable with...especially in some goaline scenarios..i may be wrong but to me if fournette comes back they will rotate them in and out...rojo isnt even in on 3rd downs... could BA have changed his mind on the usage going forward...maybe...his track record is hard to rely on IMO...i traded him for golladay as an example...thats a WR1 who was ranked top 4 going into draft day for a 5th round pick...given the landscape on RBs i get why some will ride it out...im thinking long term
  8. i like rojo but what happens when LF comes back? Before LF got hurt the outlook was looking bleak because it seemed like there wouldnt be enough action to go around...seems to me he is a sell high
  9. What you didnt kno about that panters matchup is the panthers got back a defensive lineman who beefed up their run defense...that same guy i believe went down last week against the falcons which is a good reason why gurley had a good game last week
  10. i saw this earlier today and made the move ASAP...take it for what its worth but he is a supposed insider..
  11. his value is sky high right now....he is untouchable IMO....not worth it especialy if he fails to meet expectations...we dont know how this backfield will truly be split up espite it likely being a 70/30% split.
  12. im starting and not thinking twice...
  13. i was guna source that...they dont know shish...its bears, kc, supposedly ravens, chargers, pats
  14. These guys dont know ****...eagles at 2? that is just stupid... i would def take kc