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  1. ekelr > MG srry i gave up on him due to lack of time playing with MG back but i blame the stupid coaching staff and am glad they are out of contention...hopefully the coach loses his job
  2. im not playing him this week but i wouldnt be surprised if he has a big game....gladly will start him after this week
  3. Goin with snell over mccoy but im really having a hard time with it..we get no passes and samuels is there still.. i kno mccoy is no guarantee..snell seems safer but the ceiling doesnt feel high despite he has a safe floor
  4. I am really pessimistic here based on the afc championship game last year...watch the vid...there is hope on the deep post corner route against cover 1 but otherwise this is guna be rough....am i wrong for thinking benching for gallup? i know at this point i might as well go down with my stud but this film is not makin me feel great
  5. already locked in....not even thinking about it..its playoff time....GO BIG!!! lezzz get FiZzZzZzyyy wiT iT !!!!!
  6. hoping the patriots get their head out of their asses this week
  7. god i wish freeman was back....here we go for another week
  8. they did have mccoys locker in front of damien williams...maybe out of respect to the veteran? it went mccoy, damien, & darrel
  9. its really luck based...u have no control or idea about what is going on behind the scenes...add fake coach speak and you are literally guessing on how a team will use XYZ player....not many belll cow backs...if everyone could draft a mccafrey you may be able to say there is some skill because now everyone has an equal playing field....any given sunday random wr 3 player can have a monster game that a team started out of desperation...also player XYZ can have a terrible matchup and somehow perform well in it...the only thing that is skill based is focusing on where the targets go and the ability to make the tough decisions (guess correctly) and pray you dont have a bunch of injuries
  10. i had no choice to start him this week and will again next week because hill will be on a bye...i hope the cowboys wear there big boy pants to this one...hopefully they put gillmore on cooper...they may put him on gallup because cooper is banged up
  11. to be honest im probably dropping him...the more i think about it the more i am like this is going to be a long annoying situation to deal with
  12. thats cool man...at least it went down peacefully lol