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  1. I'm hoping for around 60 healthy games. He'll sit games to keep him healthy. They have 13 b2b this season so unless he recovers from everything and is a 100%, those are 13 games he's going to miss. I'e decided to take the gamble.
  2. The minutes restriction is less of a concern because we saw what he can do in limited minutes. But if he only plays 40 50 games and misses the fantasy playoffs, Is he still worth the headache?
  3. Hey there, Got a keeper league(14 teams) going and I was thinking about Embiid as a keeper. The catch is, I have to part with my 5th round pick to keep him. Is he worth a 5th round pick? bare in mind that I pick last this draft (14) so that means it's the last pick in the 5th round. Is it worth the risk? is he going to be able to handle 60-65 games? will he have a minutes restriction again all year long? Thanks
  4. I really don't know why I keep reading the RW blurbs. I guess it's a force of habit. I've been using Twitter as my news source for a few years now and I've seen how crucial it can be getting the news first. Following analysts and team writers from all over the league gives you quite an advantage that sometimes can be measured in hours over people that get their information from fantasy news websites.
  5. I've noticed the inconsistency as well. Not that it bothered me much up until now but it is indeed annoying. It's not only that they post opposite opinions about a player in rapid succession, they also give a lot of credit and boost one player when he puts up lets say 22 and 11asts with pretty much nothing else as "beasting" while another had a "nice game" with 27-11-3-3. One player is not worth owning with 10-5-3 and the other is a must own doing the exact same thing or less. smh