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  1. this offense is ugly fellas - he's gonna scarily fight to get 100 yards or a score every week. The first half he pretty much hadn't done anything. There will be some not great games ahead. This offense doesn't look super WR/ pass friendly right now and now they are committing to the run so temper expectations. Also im not sure what's gone on behind the scenes but Marvin Jones has been erased from the economic gameplan do defenses will def start honing in on Kenny G. Let's see how this passing attack looks versus Falcons.
  2. short yardage red zone monster with occasional deep pass thrown his way. If he doesn't get TD's tho some of these lines could be ugly.
  3. sounds like you guys think Patrick is the safter play over Jeudy
  4. he's fine as a bench stash i think to see how he does thursday but the re-injury risk is real and now with fulgham ward and jeffrey coming back there will be some comp for targets.
  5. this is thread is simply turning into a hig hpriced handcuff thread similar to Alexander Mattison. League winner RB if starter goes down but for now not much standalone value.
  6. Hey man if you don't think Bell is that good that's like your opinion man - you can believe whatever you want. You keeping say decent and not bad - damning with faint praise. You clearly dont think he's good since you mentioned people like Deangelo Williams and jag James Conner as your counterpoint to Bell's production in Pitt. And if you think Zeke who's been on a top5 oline his entire career would flourish on Jets or Giants with awful qb's and horrible olines then i don't know what to tell you
  7. worth a bench stash - grab before game see how he does?
  8. awful secondary no diontae johnson, set up for another nice little blowup spot.
  9. that's the question Patrick and Jeudy owners want to know. i assume they move both around - I mean they are literally the top 2 pass catching options no Gordon, Fant or Hamler. Each WR should see a minimum of 8 targets, now what they do with them depends on the coverage but NE is bottom 10 against the pass overall, so in a game they'll have to throw one of the WR will feast , just not sure which one.
  10. gut feeling ? or something in the matchup?
  11. 100 % make that deal - especially with Godwin coming back!
  12. While I agree he was rusty - That's not apologizing for him just stating facts. He was rusty on awful team with mediocre to bad QB play and a bottom 3 o-line. So the overall, the situation wasn't optimal for most RB' s to succeed in - let alone a great RB coming off a year layoff. The people critiquing him are saying he's washed up which we have no real evidence of besides one substandard year ( for him) on an awful team. He still had over 1200 total scrimmage yards which is above average I'd say for an RB.
  13. if you think Conner is a better back than Bell at anytime you are clearing showing your bias towards Bell. Conner is a JAG behind a good offensive line He runs straight, makes no one miss and is a medicore at best pass catcher. he gets whats blocked and for the Steelers thats good enough. He's not dynamic in anyway shape or form. I would have loved to see Conner behind the Jets miserable oline like Leveon played behind last year - he'd average 2 yards a carry.