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  1. love the salt in this thread. yall knew what this was when you drafted him
  2. someone translate what this means to a humble chubb owner lmao
  3. idk, i think saquon finishes higher than zeke. even last year zeke barely made it into the top 10
  4. amari cooper is basically WR fodder. try it but as a gordon owner i wouldnt do it
  5. i dont think id do it tbh. tyreke is so inconsistent help?
  6. the jury is out on baldwin tbh. i refuse to believe that this is all he has to offer. we can revisit this after his next game help?
  7. why all the fuss over elliot? Kareem hunt is also a top RB. and josh gordon will get better as the season progresses imo help?
  8. nah, you could net more. you could even stream QBs and make something happen at that position rather than accept this just for luck. help?
  9. stay put. woods is getting alot of targets and michel is gonna be like this all szn. you essentially got an RB1 off waivers help with mine?
  10. tbh, i dont think this is it. help with mine?
  11. Hey guys. Currently torn on this trade. I'm giving up Barkley/James White/Keke Coutee for his Stefon Diggs/Ezekiel Elliot/G. Allison I had initially just wanted an WR but here we are. The rest of my team is as followed Patrick Mahomes/Andrew Luck Doug Baldwin/John Brown/Cooper Kupp/Gabriel (Bears)/Keke Coutee Saquon Barkley/M. Gordon/James White/Royce Freeman Kittle Bears Defense I'd appreciate any help. It's sitting in my proposed trade right now. Post a link to what you need help with and I'll do so within 15 minutes or so. Thanks guys
  12. picked him, lets see how this goes. im chasing targets rather than chase points. his targets look encouraging