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  1. He was drafted as a top 50 player pretty much every league I'm in......
  2. Wow, I can't believe that there's someone dumb enough to actually believe that trade offer would get accepted! 🤯
  3. I'll preface by saying that I like Mitchell Robinson. I think he's very skilled, though a bit raw offensively. Having said that, when I saw the preseason rankings I knew that I was not going to own him anywhere this year, because I had a lot of doubt that he could return value equal to the price that he was going for. I know is early, as we're only 3 weeks into the season, but the writing is on the wall. I still doubt that he'll end the season in the top 50.
  4. Term used on fantasy forums to describe an end of the bench type player that provides a sprinkle of everything, and doesn't hurt you in the efficiency stats. In the not so distant past a perfect example was Shaw (The Matrix) Marion when he was with Dallas towards the end of his career.
  5. JV was drafted at #25 in one of my leagues.........(Don't ask me why, I have no clue)
  6. I only mentioned that because the above poster said he had nothing left in the tank. Gasol has spent his entire career playing for Spain's national team and that hasn't hurt him in the past, so not sure why you'd think it's any different this year. In any case, I'm glad most people are down on him, because it helps get him at a discount this late. Cheers!
  7. He looked pretty good this summer while carrying Spain to a world championship........
  8. Most owners are long time active veterans of these forums, and it's always been a very competitive league. 12 teams, auction draft, standard Yahoo 9 cat scoring, 15 man rosters (2 extra bench 1 IL slot). FAAB waivers. Using Leaguesafe for league finances. Draft is scheduled for Saturday the 19th at 8pm eastern. If interested shoot me a PM on these forums ASAP.
  9. I agree with this. I think people are discounting Gasol a bit much. He may be mid 30's, but he still has plenty left in the tank.
  10. I think that's a very valid argument and concern, but I still think that he's going to be around 16 points a game. Time will tell I guess!
  11. Just curious about the FG% influence going down part...What makes you think this way? I understand that Westbrook may poach some rebounds away, but.....Capela is not an outside shooter, and he's an excellent pick and roll guy. Westbrook is a good passer, that has always loved feeding his bigs for easy buckets (same as Harden). I actually think that he's going to be as good or even better this year. I think people are undervaluing Capela too much this year due to the supposed Westbrook impact.