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  1. How come 7'3 guy can't postup but bricking 25 footers 3s
  2. won't return,this dude just can't stay healthy
  3. WTF,JJ Barea starts second half for injured Dwight Powell
  4. boban can't play more than 20 mins in nowaday nba
  5. Injury prone and low usage guy,even he play big minutes,he did very little things,only good in steal,his top 50 season is history,forget it
  6. Raptors is full-team now,he will be lucky to get >10 shot attempts Also,Powell is so hot and he is eating OG playing time
  7. In dynasty,will he be starting PF next season?🙄(assume barton still their SF)
  8. This dude has a poor dribbling skill,when he dribble,it's always lead to turnover