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  1. I would rather draft sexton in later round if I want a scoring pg
  2. Although Whiteside may not starting in kings and play big minutes,but if he can play around 20-25 minutes,he is still very useful and give you elite FG%,Reb and Blks
  3. Magic has the nearly same core in new season and Issac will out for season,so Vucevic is still their 1st scoring option and is very likely to repeat the last two seasons value(1st-2nd round value). The only one thing I have little concern is DJA no longer in magic because he is a very good P&R passer and setting up some easy basket to Vuc.On the other hands,Fultz seems like to attack the rim rather than play P&R with Vuc...so I think Vuc may miss DJA passing. Look at the stats,Vucevic maybe the most consistent and reliable bigman beside AD,KAT and Jokic
  4. Gary harris is not 2nd scoring option,lol.....it's Murray
  5. And don't forget oubre is not in suns anymore,his replacement Crowder is a low usage guy,so Ayton will have more touch and shot attempt this season
  6. I think we better concentrate post the trading news and rumors in here