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  1. Post here must be able to pay with leaguesafe ASAP- just need one
  2. It's ESPN we are full at this moment but if noone pays in the next couple of minutes we might open up a spot
  3. 1 spot left - last chance - 30$ buy in league safe h2h auction
  4. Points system 3pm - 1.5 REB - 1.25 AST - 1.5 STL - 3 BLK - 3 TO - -1 PTS - 1 Disqualification - 5 5 spots remaining - payment is through leaguesafe
  5. Post email for an invite to leaguesafe and ESPN - 30$ buy in
  6. we will have one spot left for someone who can draft at 8:00 pm EST post email here and I will send Leaguesafe and League invite
  7. League is Full - One owner has not responded if to invite, if you are very interested and can make leaguesafe payment ASAP please let me know and we will get you in here. Thanks
  8. DakHuck you haven't joined yet, should I hold your spot or find someone else?