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  1. If this happened in the league that i am with my mates, it will absolutely not get reversed and the trade will go down in history and get mentioned every year lol
  2. fair. but certainly a lottery ticket. might even just be a platoon with hampson
  3. Called up today and inserted into liineup straight away. 262/335/558 35HR/22SB in AAA this season, coors all week this week, potential league winner in our hands?
  4. would love to have him next season but that's a bit too steep for me. If he had the greenlight to steal AND moved up in the lineup maybe but I can't draft a 6-7 hole hitter in the 2nd round
  5. I was immediately interested yesterday when he hit one hard for an out and then the next one out for a HR.
  6. he sure fked up but he got out of his own mess quite impressively, 3 Ks with bases loaded
  7. I remember when a certain poster here was ADAMENT that eovaldi was the closer and that was the end of discussion. Shot people down left right and centre when they provided reason. shame on you to that poster lol. I won't name and shame but you know who u are
  8. Its only not controversial just because catcher is a wasteland, you can say anyone will be top 5 catcher and it wouldn't be a controversial take lol
  9. or Leclerc. keen to see what happens!
  10. Too many people here nitpicking here. Currently with the info that you have, you either have to take both or make a decision (if your league is that slow, both should be taken by now).
  11. oh ye. i was just looking at my fantasy regular season calendar lol my bad
  12. i think that was the case early on but once he got going i didn't see him get hit that hard
  13. as fun as that would be, there's only 6 weeks left, i don't think 40/40 is within reach. even 30/30 is gonna be tough to pull off but he's on fire atm
  14. true. but if the management wants to have Leclerc back closing this is the opportune time to do it I guess
  15. Kelley arm injury while warming up - snag Leclerc if he's on your wire with your last move of the week just in case